Modeling the Latest in Leprechaun Punk Wear

Don’t mess with her. She’s got a sheep. And I can tell you she’s not afraid to use it.

More seriously: Thank you to everyone who has sent good thoughts to Athena in the last week, regarding the death of her friend Tiffany. Without going too much into Athena’s own personal territory, I can say she’s handled about as well as anyone could have. It’s a rough thing for any kid, and she’s aware that many of you took the time to send your thoughts to her, to Tiffany, and to Tiffany’s family. I know she was glad about that, and that it helped her a little. So thanks again.

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  1. I’m glad that Athena is dealing with this as well as anyne can, and that she has such supportive parents to help her to do so. She and her classmates have been very much in my thoughts.

  2. I’m glad to hear it John. That’s a terrible thing for any kid to have to go through. Family support is crucial during times like these so I’m not surprised she’s handling it like such an adult. You should be proud.

  3. I am glad she’s handling it as well as possible. Give her an extra hug from us. Well, me, anyway.

  4. with a sheep like that there is no wonder she is handling it well. she has someone/thing to hold onto.

  5. The Lucky Charms shirt rocks! I’m glad Athena is handling this as well as could be expected.

  6. Sheep are always a good weapon. Have thrown sheep at bad guys at least once. BAAAA!

    Hugs to Athena and I hope she’ll make at least one pass thru the art show next week.

  7. More hugs to Athena and all of her classmates. It’s not fair for any child to die. Nor is it fair for children to have to suffer the loss of one of their peers. It’s heartbreaking. Hopefully with the support of their parents, teachers and each other, though, they will soon remember their friend with smiles instead of sadness.

  8. You (and she) are welcome. It was absolutely the least I could do, and it’s a small thing to help another.

    Love the sheep!!

  9. Been there, done that, when I was also ten. I now remember my friend with a wistful fondness of our childhood friendship but with no complications of adult behavior. Not as good as still having her around, but something nonetheless. Sending good thoughts to Athena and everyone else affected by the death of her friend.

  10. Glad to hear it, healing thoughts to your whole fam. That is one great picture – fully ‘Clockwork Leprechaun’!

  11. Hang in there Athena :). Glad to hear she is handling it well, thanks for that JS.

    And have an extra few helpings of happy thoughts and vibes from me

  12. I’ve been out of the loop for a few days, so I’ve just now seen the news about Tiffany. What a shame, and what a hard thing for Athena to have to face at such an early age. For whatever it’s worth, my warmest condolences to Athena and to Tiffany’s family and the community.

  13. (You go away for awhile, and things happen.)


    It won’t stop hurting, it’ll just hurt less as time goes by. Take as long as you need to grieve, and don’t let some dumb ass adult tell you it’s time you got over it. Some mourn for a long time, some for a short. How long you mourn is your business and your business alone.

    Puberty keeps changing you. You’re smarter than you were when you were nine. Too, your hormones are more active, and there are more of them. Soon you’ll have the worst sign of puberty a girl could ever face, acne. (Menstruation? That’s nothing. :) ) It’s hard enough on a girl just going through this, losing someone you love makes it so much worse. And such an unexpected loss.

    Other than that Tiffany died of some flu-like illness I know nothing of the case. I’ll bet if the adults don’t know what killed her yet, they will. If for no other reason than to find a way to keep you and your friends safe. Expect Mom and Dad to haul you off to emergency every time you get the sniffles, just to be sure.

    If you just happen to adopt a female puppy (coincidences do happen, especially if you arrange them), name her Tiffany. It will be a way to keep your friend’s memory fresh. Life will go on, as it has and it does. As I said before, the pain will fade and soon enough you’ll be left with sweet, sad memories. Be well.

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