One Week Out From Millennicon

A reminder to all and sundry but in particular the folks living in the greater Ohio/Indiana/Kentucky tristate area: Staring next Friday, I’m guest of honor at this year’s Millennicon science fiction convention, conveniently located in Cincinnati, Ohio. Convenient for me, in any event, since it means I can drive it rather than fly it, and in flying, be delayed for eight hours, and in being delayed, force you all to listen to me whine about it. You see how this is good for everyone.

So if you’re looking for something to do next weekend — and are always looking for something to do, aren’t you, you naughty person, you — come on down and hang out with us. We plan on having so much fun we’ll have to take the extra fun home in doggie bags. And isn’t that an image for you.

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  1. Looking forward to it. It’s a con that we (my husband and I and friends) usually attend.

  2. Their website doesn’t have any programming info up yet. Do you know what days/times you going to be doing guest of honor things yet?

  3. I have a schedule and I’ll post it early next week. But even when I’m not schedule I’ll likely be available in hotel lobby/bar. Because that’s the whole point of being GoH.

  4. I’m going – it’s the first convention I’ve attended in quite a while, and I’m really looking forward to it!

  5. You know you will now get flat tires because of that complaint on flying delays.

    Only flat tires if you are lucky.

  6. To off-set #6. Best wishes for a safe and uneventul drive. (We’re driving from Pittsburgh!)

  7. I, for one, welcome our Guest of Honor overlord and trust that he and his entourage will make sure to visit the fine artistic wares that I and my brave crew have selected for your viewing pleasure.

    Kosagi – Captain of the Ygraine, Artshow Pirate

    (Why yes, I *am* enjoying steampunk entirely too much, why do you ask?)

  8. @#10 you and the Klingon (hmm, maybe I need to find a more steampunk appropriate name for him.)

  9. @John #3, If I recall correctly,there is a Max & Erma’s attached to this hotel w/bar. The lobby is somewhat separate.

  10. @Adelheid: Now that you say that, I can see exactly what you mean. But surely there could be Steampunk Klingons? There seem to be Steampunk everything else.

    And John? Adelheid is right. The bar is in the Max & Ermas. Which isn’t that bad a place to hang out, though not quite in the middle of things.

  11. @13 Deborah I asked himself and he immediately piped up with “Gentleman Adventurer!” which is way to long. We’ll think of something.

    @#15 John I’m sure we stalkersfans will be able to find you. ;-)

  12. @18 Adelheid: Considering Harper X is also known as The Long Suffering One, I’m hardly one to comment on too long.

    Dang. One week from now I’ll be sitting in the art show frantically finishing the day’s paperwork. Look out, John. The rollercoaster’s getting to the top of the hill!

  13. If my driving to NY plans fall through then I’m definitely there, and if they don’t hopefully my friends can go off and umm…do something in Cincinnati while I geek out for a bit. What is there to do in Cincinnati?

  14. The webmaster says that the pocket program is up on the site, for those of you who are interested.

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