A Canonical Sunset, Cloudless Division

Yup, that’s pretty much what one looks like. Any questions? No? Then class dismissed.

13 Comments on “A Canonical Sunset, Cloudless Division”

  1. If that is a view from your place, I envy your night sky. I haven’t had a good, warm night yet, where I could whip out my Smith-Cassegrain 70mm. It’s not how big it is; it’s how you use it, I’m told.

  2. We were working on the partly cloudy division for a while but seem to moving into the full cloud, no discernible sunset division at the moment.

    I’m glad you post these. The Puget Sound is a wonderful place but is not known as a contender in the neat sunset collection


  3. I might get to see a flat Ohio sunset on Friday –I don’t know if it will be clear. We’re starting out from Pittsburgh around 1 pm. I think it will be getting near sunset when we arrive at our destination.

  4. You and my father must have the same whatever-it-is that makes one take pictures of the sunset over and over again. I like ’em. I just don’t have the photo gene.

  5. Ha! That’s so much nicer than my sunset tonight.


    Did you take that with the camera on your phone? The static image on my screen makes me want to take a deep breath and sigh out all the mental BS I’ve seemingly accumulated today.

  6. I keep forgetting how weirdly flat most of the country is. 20-some years in West Virginia, then the rest in New Hampshire does leave one with a skewed perspective. I can’t even quite tell how far away those buildings are.

  7. The secret is to keep nuking Indiana. The land between the Scalzi Compound in western Ohio and Indianapolis is a barren waste with the occasional mutated groundhog as a result of John’s photographic “experiments.”

    Re #11 John Murphy: As a native-born WV person I feel that it is natural to have to look up to see the horizon and to have direct sunlight only at noon.

  8. Mark Evans@12:

    I’m pretty sure that direct sunlight is harmful. Getting an unobstructed view of a giant unlicensed fusion reactor just seems like a bad idea.

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