Mmmm… Podcastlicious

I asked folks on Twitter for some questions for a podcast. They gave me questions! Next I’m going to ask people on Twitter for money. But in the meantime, here’s a podcast of me answering those Twittered questions. It’s about 12 minutes long and features a special guest star! So there.

Here’s a downloadable version, if you prefer.

31 Comments on “Mmmm… Podcastlicious”

  1. But… how is Ghlaghghee pronounced? Inquiring minds want to know!

    Also, hello Athena! I’m working on my homework, too.

  2. That was a mistype… after reading all of the other posts on SF in the intertron right now etc I posted that before IMMEDIATELY realizing my error when I posted it. Heh, thanks for catching it, John. I’m an idiot.

  3. charibdyson It’s pronounced “Fluffy”. It’s totally sad that I know this….

  4. Thanks for providing precisely the 12 minutes of pleasant entertainment I needed while I was sitting here doing some work that didn’t require total concentration.

  5. Not to be one of those whiners but…I don’t suppose you have a version that will play on an iPod?

  6. You don’t sound ANYTHING like what I imagine all your characters sound like.

    Well, maybe the snarkiness. ;)

    It’s still really odd for me to put a voice to a face, as opposed to hearing a voice and then seeing a face. New experience, yay.

    All the rest of that being said, I heard the cat mentioned, but I’m surprised bacon didn’t sneak its way into the conversation somehow.

  7. You sound nothing like I pictured…and EXACTLY like a friend of mine from high school. Exactly. I mean, creepily so.

    What’s a word for a vocal doppelganger?

  8. Surprised to learn that “Scalzi” rhymes with “Ballsy” and not with “Hellsy” as I had expected. This also puts a halt on my nefarious plans to clone you, kill your clone, and reanimate him as Skullzi, Undying NecroLord of Ohio. Bother.

  9. Wait…through my great hacking skills (and ability to eventually check twitter) I have found the mp3. Thanks!

  10. I’ve recently been afflicted with a gent from California whose job isn’t to make my life miserable, it’s just a perk he gets. This was the first time I’ve ever noticed that there is a distinct California accent – you both have it. I like you much better than I like him, however. When Athena spoke, it sounded exactly like my daughters – the Ohio accent environment has usurped the California influence.

    Although I do suspect that all 10/11/12 year olds react the same to “homework.”

    Is the novella the “super sekkrit project” that you haven’t been talking to us about?

  11. I’m reading “The Last Colony” on my Kindle 2 right now. The Kindle along with the iPhone app have got me reading a great deal more than I ever had previously. I now always have a book at hand.

    I’m happy I ran across mention of “The Sagan Diaries” on your blog as I had the privilege to read it in chronological order. It is far and away the best stuff I’ve read from you thus far. I hope you will continue writing additional stories based in the Old Mans War universe after Zoe’s Tale.

  12. So is there any way that we (the people of the Internet) could start a campaign so that you (the voice of the Internet) could get an interview on The Colbert Report? Could you possibly do something amazing in the next few months? I’d really like to see you explain the fart machine to Stephen. Can we make it happen?

  13. Fathercrow,

    As great as that would be, it seems unlikely, considering it took Neil Gaiman this much time and a Newbery award before he got onto something like The Colbert Show.

    John, get to work on achieving cult status and then start writing kids books so we can see you on national television.

  14. If you’re using a Windows machine with an anti-virus on it, try disabling the anti-virus when you plug in the microphone and see if that prevents the whole resetting the computer problem.

  15. Any chance of a downloadable version? Your bandwidth seems inadequate for streaming. It keeps stalling for me.

  16. Just finished your “Old Man’s War.” Humorous book that had plenty of action.

    What I really wanted to comment upon was your references to “Fresno,” “Modesto” and “Bakersfield.” I have lived in Fresno for most of my life and knew you had to have a valley connection. I see I was right.

    Keep up the good work.


  17. John, wait, you’ve been on Oprah? For real?

    Is it available on the internet somewhere? What were you on Oprah for?

    Are these all questions that I could probably answer for myself by searching your blog? If so … ignore me, and my apologies.