One Way E-Mail

For some reason right now I can read all my e-mail but I can’t send any, so if you send me e-mail today expecting a reply, you might have to wait a bit. On the other hand, now is an excellent time to rant at me in an e-mail, because honestly, how am I going to reply? I can’t! I have to sit there and take it! Bwa ha ha hah ha! That evil laugh was on your part, incidentally, not mine.

22 Comments on “One Way E-Mail”

  1. The above statement is a way to inform people that you have:

    A) Deleted all the emails received accidentally but do not want to admit it.
    B) Trick people into sending you information for future uses against them.
    C) Some sneaky underhanded PsyOps trick.
    D) Maybe maybe what the statement says (unlikely)

    Its up to you do decide the what you think the answer is.

  2. Oh, since I have been working on this at work and now implemented it at home on a couple of my domains…

    Google Apps for your sites is awesome. Even will host your email! It looks like gmail, acts like gmail, but you get to brand it with your name or whatever.

    So now instead of handing out one of my other email accounts (Gmail, msn, etc) I can hand out my own domain email address.

    And the best part. Free.

    Not sure who is hosting your email but if you see that often might want to look into that.

    I like it as I have a few email addresses for different things (why give out a single address for everything when I can organize it all by accounts) but have them all routed to a single account which I can then reply back using whichever account I want.

    Really loving this.

  3. Well, any reply you want to make to my last email can very well wait until Friday at the con.

    Though you may not want to talk to me until after the art show’s up and running. As I’m low on scurvy dogs to help get things up, I’m going to be regarding anyone who walks in as possible fair game.

    *eyes art panels meaningly*

  4. Check with your ISP and see if they’ve started blocking port 25 (SMTP). They often do this to block outgoing spam but it also blocks anyone using an SMTP server (on the default port) that isn’t hosted by the ISP.

  5. Personally, I feel a wave of relief and sublime joy whenever I discover that through no action of my own I am incommunicado.

    I do not understand why, however, I have the same feeling whenever I pick up my iPhone and can instantaneously catch up on all of my emails, text message, and call people at the flickering of a fingertip.

    Perhaps this represent a basic bipolarity of (at least mine) modernity: the need to be in touch with people, and the need to escape into solitude.


  6. Oh, so tempting … but it would be like shouting down a well, and I’ve done that already. Enjoy your day!

  7. @scalzi: “wa ha ha hah ha! That evil laugh was on your part, incidentally, not mine.”

    “What are you so giggly about?”
    “Scalzi is making me laugh.”
    “What, did he write something funny?”
    “No – why would you think that?”

  8. Scalzi —

    Have you considered using “insert random favorite technology”? I use it and it is great!

    I always had that problem with “insert sucky technology that Scalzi is using”. You should use “wonderful technology that I use”.

    Is your “insert sucky technology that Scalzi is using” doing this? When ever that happens to me, I do “see how creative and smart I am thing”. Did you try that?

  9. ah don’t worry John. I read that. Said some choice words in my head and then moved on.

    Cannot feed Trolls. Do not have the time or energy to waste on that.

    Heck, I should say Google’s offerings suck because if they get enough people using it, they might take it off Beta and charge for it! I don’t want that :)

    I can see his point if I was pushing my product to make me money or something but I doubt Google will acknowledge me pushing. And i don’t even really think I was knocking the “sucky technology that Scalzi is using”. Whatever that may be.

    Wait.. Crap. Feeding. Stopping Now.

    Night Night

  10. Sorry. I was just having flashbacks to the WordPress conversion from … Moveable Type? . It was not directed at anyone in particular.

    It really was for my own amusement, since I did start composing one of those type of posts…

  11. John, this “insert sucky technology that Scalzi is using” is a potential goldmine for you. Do you have licensing rights to your insert sucky technology? My understanding is there’s a strong niche market for it.

  12. I could rant to my hearts content? Darn, I don’t have anything on tap and I’m not feeling particularly ranty or evil today either.

    snarky maybe but not ranty…

  13. John, fwiw, I just had the same problem. My host fiddled with how email clients call the server and I had to change my user name in Thunderbird from my host username (original set up) to the email address as the username in Thunderbird. It worked immediately.

  14. Okay everyone, go middle-click on that Bookmarks folder labelled “Bacon” (yes, you do have a folder of bacon-related bookmarks, don’t lie to me). Now send every single link in there to Scalzi.

    Individually. One at a time.

    Ha. Hahahaha. AHhhhahahahhahahahhahahaaa!


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