You Need Some New Music

So, here you go. The band is called Ume, and this is their song “The Conductor,” off their new Sunshower EP:

An alternate version of the video, with a high quality option, is here. Hat tip to my pal Doselle Young for hipping me to these wacky cats.

10 Comments on “You Need Some New Music”

  1. … um, in the OTHER video. Still rockin’ in this one (which I just watched) but less with the chubby-cheeked connotation.

  2. Yeah, she looks like she’s not old enough to drive. But she’s old enough to RAWK (also, she’s married to the bassist, so I expect she’s also old enough to drive and buy beer).

  3. Very good stuff. I was just listening to some songs off the EP and I am wondering what the full-length will sound like. It reminds me of the first YYY album.

    I’m also quite excited because two of my favorite people from two of my favorite bands, Jack White of the White Stripes and Alison Mossheart of the Kills, are creating a side-project called the Dead Weather. Unfortunately, White is playing drums instead of guitar. Really, what kind of band has Jack White in it and doesn’t let him play guitar?

  4. This is a good video and song. As it happens, these rockers played SXSW today. I think they are going to get a bigger following.

    @4 Abe

    I guarantee Jack White on drums is going to be a good thing. Obviously, don’t go in expecting all this crazy double bass hoopla, but he has a way of making simple, raw stuff sound really, really good. Plus, he’s probably a better drummer than Meg White. Oh snap! Kidding, I love her …

  5. That was intense. At first I thought they were playing around too much with the oddball chord structures at the beginning, but they settled down and banged it out gud without losing the themes. Wall of sound, indeed.

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