Eventually We Ran Out of Bits and Someone Had to Have “Or Death”

But until that time, the cake was lovely.

As has been Millennicon so far. We had cake and cookies, and did my usual ranty thing at my Q&A, which is always fun, and at opening ceremonies the Millennicon folks both gave me a cool Guest of Honor shirt (which I am wearing today), and also honored my local public library with one of its Hal Clement awards for literacy, and a nice check. Which was was really quite good of them. And then I hung out in the lobby with friends and pretty acted like a slug. Which I am oddly good at. Today I have signings and panels and then, as I’ve talked about karaoke so damn much, I will have to actually go and show up to that. Pray for the eardrums of con-goers.

How are you?

18 Comments on “Eventually We Ran Out of Bits and Someone Had to Have “Or Death””

  1. Filk it up, son! When I used to go to cons, there was no such thing as filking. I suppose once alcoholic beverages were introduced to SF&F conventions, it was only a matter of time.

  2. How am I?

    …Wishing this book would write itself, already.

    I haven’t been this insecure about my work since, well, my first non-seasonal job.

    Is it supposed to feel like it lacks coherence, while still not actually being incoherent?

    I’m pretty sure — or at least hopeful — that the first book is always the hardest.

  3. That’s a pretty awesome cake. Also (looking at your Twitter feed) I am hoping that someone recorded that Scalzi-inspired filk.

    How am I? Playing damage control with the forum I help moderate. Our host service is trying to play silly buggers, but Victory shall be ours!

  4. The other computer has been hit with a rootkit and is off-line pending being wiped.

    How am I?

    You might print words that describe how angry I am, but I don’t say them.

  5. Is that a green old man? Because apparently they haven’t read your books at all — he can be old or he can be green, but he shouldn’t be both.

    (It is pretty awesome, though.)

  6. Is the sheep blue? (Can’t tell; it looks black to me!)

    I can’t imagine what they told the bakery who made it. “Yes, we want a cake…it needs to have an old, green man on it, and a blue sheep. No, wait, don’t hang up, this isn’t a prank call–!”

  7. I am tired but recovering at long last from being sick (and also from an unusually long and interesting Friday night with people).

    Still thinking about BSG (and wondering if I should be).

    And reading, reading, reading. Need to review. Need to… argh… do taxes.

  8. This represents the first time in my life I wish I was in Cinncinnatti again (my last trip there in 1980 was a less than stellar experience). Maybe I’ll find my way out of the wastelands oine day and make it to a Con…

  9. *clutches head* I have been earwormed by Bob Dylan’s masterwork “The Times They Are A’Changing” for about a week now, and in my head the tune has mutated from guitar and vocals into a bagpipe solo that, according to YouTube and Google alike, does not actually exist.

    I need a bonny piper who be naught afear’d t’ die! Wha’s wi’ me?

    (and yes, I’ve found the Blackmore’s Night cover. It’s actually fairly good, but it’s no bagpipe solo.)

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