Mary Robinette Kowal Interviews the Campbell Nominees

Current Campbell Award tiara wearer Mary Robinette Kowal is interviewing this year’s Campbell nominees, one of whom will take the tiara (and cheeseboard) from her this August at Anticipation, this year’s Worldcon in Montreal. This week it’s David Anthony Durham, whose fantasy novel Acacia I admire quite a bit. Check out the interview, and then tune in to MRK’s blog every monday for the next Campbell nominee. Do it!

4 Comments on “Mary Robinette Kowal Interviews the Campbell Nominees”

  1. David deserves the exposure. Good on ya, sir. I, too, appreciated Acacia. Even if I didn’t think it was the “best” fantasy novel I’ve ever read, I cared about the characters and what comes next. Any structural issues I had with it I discovered were the point after discussing it with Mr. Durham at length. I eagerly await the Other Lands, and want him to be able to finish the series, so this exposure is good not just for him, but for all of us.

  2. Thanks for the share. I’d seen a mention of Durham’s work recently, but this little linkage sent me off to his site, and the brief excerpt I read plus some of the Amazon reviews have me trotting off to the bookstore right after work. (Hopefully, they’ll have it in, but if the bookstore by work doesn’t have it, I’ve got one indie and two big ones to try downtown.)

  3. I tried reading Acacia once at the library. Couldn’t get more than a few pages into it; something about his prose must have been off-putting.

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