Zoe’s Tale Review at io9

The science fiction blog io9 has taken it upon itself to review all the Hugo and Nebula nominees this year and has started with Zoe’s Tale, and happily for me has given it a pretty positive review, and even better makes a point that I think is salient about the book:

But Zoe’s Tale isn’t really about the clash of mighty empires or rescuing loved ones from monsters, exciting as those parts are — it’s about Zoë. It’s about that time in our lives after we’ve come to grips with how the world sees us but we are still not sure how we see ourselves. It’s not about what you are, but finding out who you are. This whip-smart, often funny, and deeply moving novel portrays that journey of self-discovery to the satisfaction of adults young or otherwise.

Yup. There’s a reason why it’s called Zoe’s Tale: Because it’s about her.

Also, for those of you who want to keep up with io9’s other Hugo/Nebula reviews, bookmark this: it’s the site’s “Book Awards 2009” tag.

If You Dare

Shaky cell phone video of me doing karaoke to Soft Cell’s “Tainted Love” at Millennicon.

I accept no responsibility for what happens to your eyeballs, eardrums, or brain if you follow that link. None. That’s the only warning you get from me.

Update: Even more horror.

Interview at Tor.com

Look! It’s me! All arty with the glowy duck! This particular picture is being used to illustrate a fairly long interview I did, which is now up over at Tor.com. In the interview, I talk about the cliches of military science fiction, writing sequels, the teleological implications of getting a new body, consciousness or lack thereof, writing characters with ethnicities, and whether there are any more OMW novels coming down the pike. So, a lot of ground covered. Enjoy.