If You Dare

Shaky cell phone video of me doing karaoke to Soft Cell’s “Tainted Love” at Millennicon.

I accept no responsibility for what happens to your eyeballs, eardrums, or brain if you follow that link. None. That’s the only warning you get from me.

Update: Even more horror.

44 Comments on “If You Dare”

  1. Some of my videos are up. They are probably not much better and may be worse. Here’s Tainted Love:

  2. Just caught the “more horror.”

    Horror shouldn’t make me laugh so much, right?

  3. Temporarily saved by having no sound on the work computer. This is probably a good thing.

  4. ahahah, ahem, err, i mean — good work sir! really this is the pot laughing at the kettle and if i ever get the memory card from my friend i’ll scourge the internet with my singing from my birthday.

  5. The mob is appeased, Scalzi. It has learned its lesson, and will now go back to hiding in the hills of Arkansas.

  6. The key to having fun is not caring what other people think. Clearly this author has that nailed down and I salute him for it. I was there and I had fun, too.

  7. Joe @20: I’m sure John would turn into one of those types to discuss the finer points of county tax structure.

    Nahhhh, I’m sure he’d be throwing bacon at the masses! :D

  8. You know, Millenicon certainly seems to have livened up from the days when I used to attend — which would be the mid-eighties I guess. And Ohio never used to have all these cool sf writers in it. You guys are just doing this to mock me for moving away, right?


  9. Hey, you can carry a tune, and you don’t even need a bucket!

    I think I have decided to agree with you about your no alcohol policy. Some people (like me) need a drink in order to make eye contact with a stranger. And some…don’t.

  10. I refuse to view the video, on the grounds that it may tarnish my neo-idolatrous relationship with you. I don’t like mucking around with a good thing.

  11. As Scalzi left the rest of the central nervous system out of the disclaimer, I anticipate a flood of lawsuits for lingering neuropathy. At least.

  12. Joe @23: I think adelheid @19 nailed it: The key to having fun is not caring what other people think.

    I suppose that some people need some, er, lubrication to acheive that level of not caring. Others, such as Scalzi, clearly don’t. :)

  13. Yeah, I think if he was even slightly less inhibited, he would forget to wear clothes. A sober Scalzi is a Scalzi with pants on.

  14. Oh dear. Captured in action. Suddenly glad only one shot deemed worthy.

    John, I’m just sorry that the Arrrrrt Show took up so much of my time/energy that I didn’t get to see any of Adelheid’s footage live.

    Not quite so sorry that same prevented me from joining in.

  15. I’m confused. How can someone who so obviously hates music, and wants to hurt it and make it cry, then go and slap a Pink Floyd lyric up as their strapline?

    The cognitive dissonance, it dissonates my cogs.

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