Zoe’s Tale Review at io9

The science fiction blog io9 has taken it upon itself to review all the Hugo and Nebula nominees this year and has started with Zoe’s Tale, and happily for me has given it a pretty positive review, and even better makes a point that I think is salient about the book:

But Zoe’s Tale isn’t really about the clash of mighty empires or rescuing loved ones from monsters, exciting as those parts are — it’s about Zoë. It’s about that time in our lives after we’ve come to grips with how the world sees us but we are still not sure how we see ourselves. It’s not about what you are, but finding out who you are. This whip-smart, often funny, and deeply moving novel portrays that journey of self-discovery to the satisfaction of adults young or otherwise.

Yup. There’s a reason why it’s called Zoe’s Tale: Because it’s about her.

Also, for those of you who want to keep up with io9’s other Hugo/Nebula reviews, bookmark this: it’s the site’s “Book Awards 2009” tag.

8 Comments on “Zoe’s Tale Review at io9”

  1. Thanks for the link, John. A quite respectable review, if a little short of actually gushing, eh? You are one of two authors (outside of the Circle of Masters) I read that do not fall entirely into the ever-broadening category of Military SF. Thank you again, for dragging me, kicking and whining for Mama, out of my comfortable, little niche of this wonderful genre.

  2. John, the book was great! As to teenage girls – one can write volumes! It is a roller coaster ride, hanging on for dear life! Mine is married and moved out. It is truly an experience that fathers never forget – either here on Terra or elsewhere!

  3. Glad you got a nice review, John. Pity it had to be io9.com, but then I guess once in a while they actually do something worthwhile, other than generating page count by trying to incite nerdrage.

    I haven’t picked up ZT yet, mostly due to getting through my current book load. A question for you, then. I had assumed Zoe’s Tale was (as part of the OMW universe) skewed to an adult audience. Does it fall into the YA category, at all? I’m wondering if it’s appropriate (and would appeal to) my 11 year old daughter.

  4. “Yup. There’s a reason why it’s called Zoe’s Tale: Because it’s about her.”

    Did you just made a spolier?! (just kidding =P)

    Just one question: do you know if your novels have made it over to Mexico?

  5. ChronoLink:

    There are Spanish editions of the books via Minotauro; I don’t know if they are marketed in Mexico as well, although I suspect they may be.

  6. Regarding laguage use, I actually laughed quite hard when a bit of swearing on TLC was replaced by a polite referal to impolite language.