No Matter How Hard You Try, You Will Never Out-Nerd This Man

So don’t even try.

YouTube Poster

It’s the occasional pelvic thrust that makes it work, if you ask me.

If you’re wondering what the hell the dude is playing, incidentally, it’s this.


Various and Sundry, 3/27/09

A few things rattling about in my head:

* Over at Making Light, Jim Macdonald is going into great detail about traumatic brain injury, which is the media’s favorite injury of the last several weeks due to Natasha Richardson’s death of it. For those of you who don’t know, Jim’s an EMT, so he knows a bit here and there about the matter. Worth the read, and just the thing to make you a little bit paranoid the next time you crack your skull.

* The always ego-gratifying Science Fiction Awards Watch blog informs me that I have been nominated for a Galaxy Award, which is a science fiction award given in China. The particular nomination is for Most Popular Foreign Author, and I am nominated along with several other fine folks, including Neil Gaiman, Nancy Kress, Garth Nix and Ursula Le Guin among others. Nifty.

* Note to Ed Henry of CNN: When the President of the United States pwns your ass live and in front of 40 million people, it will do you no good to try to rewrite history to make it look like you somehow got the better of the man. We know you have an ego and all, but, really. Let it go. Next time ask a question that doesn’t invite the most powerful man in the world to hand you your glutes on a platter.

* Looked at the Republican Road to Recovery thingie (that’s a pdf link) and I do have to say I’m a little confused — or actually that I’m not. The thing doesn’t read a like a policy document, which is what it should be, it reads like a campaign document, i.e., slight and aspirational and fact-free. And that’s fine, I guess, but when slight and aspirational is what you have, you shouldn’t be waving it around and saying that it’s an actual budget, as John Boehner did yesterday at the press conference for the thing. Because when you say, “here’s our budget,” then you’ll have reporters asking “if it’s a budget, where are your numbers?” and then you have to say something lame, like “Uh… we’ll have those for you next week.” Which makes you look like an dope, and means that the entire news cycle is about you releasing a “budget” with no actual numbers in it. Which of course the White House has a field day with.

This muddle of the GOP’s wasn’t surprising in one way, because the GOP of recent years has shown it’s better at campagining than actually developing intelligible policy, and so naturally it makes sense for them to splotz out a document that reeks of a campaign. It is a little surprising because the GOP used to be better at this sort of thing. Boehner, bless his unnaturally-tanned heart, didn’t just walk into a reporter’s trap regarding a budget without numbers, he set up the trap himself and made sure everyone was there to watch him stomp into it. Yes, folks, he’s my representative. Hey, don’t blame me. In any event, I’m sure that somewhere out there Karl Rove is privately crumpling paper in frustration. His permanent Republican majority, reduced to a show in which the GOP leadership hits itself with pies.


Peter Dubuque

Spare a moment in your day, if you would, for my friend Peter Dubuque, who passed on quite suddenly earlier this week. Peter and I met more than a dozen years ago when we were both part of the alt.society.gen-x newsgroup on USENET, which was my first real community online, and through which I gained friends I still have today. Peter was a year younger than I am, so his passing is unexpected, and a reminder that one’s time is what it is, and so to make the most of it. Peter certainly did that; the world was a better place for having him in it, and a lesser place now that he is gone. I wish him peace, comfort for his husband Steve, and a place in memory for all those who knew him.

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