Quick Review: Monsters Vs. Aliens

It was fun, but I can’t help but feeling the screenwriters left a lot on the table rather than putting it up on the screen; it had a lot of opportunities to be a whole lot sharper than it was. It’s also pretty obvious the screenwriters (of whom there were apparently many) are 80s babies, since one does not put a Harold Faltermeyer joke into this particular movie for the kids. Athena, I should note, was wise enough in the ways of basic screenwriting that she understood there was a joke going on when the Harold F thing got trotted out, she just didn’t know what it was, or why it should be funny. Nevertheless she enjoyed MvA quite a bit, me less so, but well enough. Pixar still doesn’t have to worry on the storytelling front, however.

Saturday Afternoon

I’m off to see Monsters Vs. Aliens with Athena. Personally, I have my money on the monsters. You crazy kids have fun without me. I may check in later this evening.