Saturday Afternoon

I’m off to see Monsters Vs. Aliens with Athena. Personally, I have my money on the monsters. You crazy kids have fun without me. I may check in later this evening.

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  1. any advice on how to handle the whole 3D experience when you see mostly from only one eye? the movie sounds like fun, especially in the company of one’s child.

  2. Considering taking the kid soon, would be interested in your family’s opinion of the movie.


  3. The movie was GREAT. The kids were completely enthralled with both the comedy and the 3d’edness. Go early for seats, because the effects look best from the middle center section.

  4. @1: I have the same problem rys, monoptical vision due to misaligned eyes.

    When the kids were younger (and even not so younger) I went to a number of 3d shows – the one filmed on the ISS sticks in the memory. I found myself gritting my teeth at the annoying glasses and assorted “oohs” and “ahhs” from the audience at, what for me, were unexceptional movie scenes.

    I’ve pretty much given up going to see 3d films at cinemas except to accompany kids and the like.

    For the unafflicted who don’t know what I’m talking about, shut one eye. That’s what I can see all the time with a minor change in viewpoint if I “switch eyes”. No 3d for us mono-eyed folks. I’m completely missing whole 3d movie thing, these are just movies that force me to watch the film through strangely tinted lenses or sun-glasses.

    (On the upside I can avoid wearing bifocals by using the left eye for distance and the right for close-up work).

    I just hope when it comes out on DVD there’s a 2d version.

  5. I went to see this with my three boys (sans 3D) and they all loved it. Personally, I had a great time. There was enough stuff for the adults to laugh at that I didn’t mind the whole for-the-kids thing.

  6. @5: I’ve noticed that kids shows these days have more subtly embedded jokes for the parents than they do explicit ones for the kids. I’m still not going to see Monsters Vs. Aliens without one of my little siblings or kids that I babysit!

  7. Oh my. Telling thiscrew to “have fun” and leaving us on our own? There’s a phrase about whiskey and car keys rambling around my hindbrain somewhere.

    How…trusting. Bwa ha ha!

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