Today’s Unsexy Reminder Post

There’s still time to get in your questions for this year’s Reader Request Week (it starts tomorrow), and if you are a Hugo nominee this year, to send along your stuff for the Hugo Voter’s Packet (which if all goes well will start going out Thursday).

11 Comments on “Today’s Unsexy Reminder Post”

  1. No, don’t say that my sweet. You are a very sexy reminder post. Much sexier than last Thursday’s reminder post.


    You’re beautiful.

  2. Speaking of unsexy, are we ever going to discover the purpse behind the posting of the picture with the feet.

    I am positively tingling to find out if I chose correctly.

  3. He’s talking about stuff in Hugo Voter Packets, and he’s pretending to not-talk sexy. Don’t believe his lies – he’s a writer, and will use his word-talking to mislead you!

  4. It occurs to me that that difference between Stargate and the other franchise is why I prefered only those ST series where they flogged the PD more often (so not Next Gen).

  5. I read Heinlein’s juveniles from a Midwestern middle school library — but I was already 20, and that was a long time ago.

    Garth Nix writes good books. Diane Duane’s may be getting dated even as she writes them. I’m not sure. The Jupiter series is only a few years old, and the ones I read were pretty good.

    My son may have been an oddity. When he was in 5th grade he demanded to see my summer reading stuff from when I was in 5th grade. 25% of our choices were identical. The other 75% represented generational and gender drift.


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