My Favorite Quote of the Day

It is:

“Certainly, aside from the giant block of foam strapped to his arm, you’d have no idea that anything was wrong with him.”

And now, blessed context.

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  1. I’m happy to make you laugh. I laugh every time Rob walks into a room.

    @Romeo Vitelli: It is just EXACTLY like that.

    @Yuhri: I’ve turned caching on now, so you can see the photos and laugh at my husband with me.

  2. I personally liked the whole “And yes, we’ve already discussed what kind of puppets to make out of it” part.

  3. That does read like the grabby first sentence of a story by…I dunno, Eliot Fintushel?

    “He looked utterly normal, aside from his three-meter stature and the shining copper plates that covered every inch of his skin.”

    “Out picking foxglove one morning, I was startled to realize that the small cold object under my hand was not a toadstool as I had at first assumed, but a human toe.”

    “Finding a severed head in one’s rose bushes is disconcerting enough, but hearing it speak aloud is so over the top as to be surreal.”

  4. Does that mean that all those Packers fans wearing foam cheese on their heads have recently had procedures for carpal brain syndrome?

  5. OK, I’m going to stop bitching about the throbbing pain in my heel every morning now.

    (Tendonitis. I was the one who wore the crappy shoes with the worn heels on my honeymoon.)

  6. And my favorite quote from that link: “We’re home from the hospital and I’ve already had to chase Rob away from the sink, where he was trying to do dishes with one hand.”
    How sweet. I hope the surgery is successful.

  7. Speaking of grabby first sentences, Xopher, I think John Varley crafted one of the finest: “In five years, the penis will be obsolete,” said the salesman.

  8. Following Mary’s twitter during this, I’m astonished by the number of forms one must fill out for Carpal Tunnel surgery. I’m pretty sure that counts as “Cruel and Unusual”.

  9. Hospital bureaucracy can be amusing sometimes. A couple of years ago, I mashed up my hand pretty good, and they still insisted I sign in at the ER and fill out the forms.

  10. jeffo@18: I had a very bad ear infection and couldn’t hear anything at all. I went to the doctor’s office to schedule an appointment FTF and the only response I could get was “You can’t just walk in and see someone. You have to call and schedule an appointment. You can only make appointments by phone.” So I got someone in the waiting room to use my cell phone to call the person behind the counter to set an appointment.

  11. The degree of bureaucracy varies a lot, I am sure. When I was getting tingling I went to my GP. She put me on a hefty dose of naproxen and had her office schedule an appointment with a local hand surgeon. He did the electrode conductance thing and such, and confirmed that I had carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands, and recommended surgery.

    It was 6 months to a year before I got the first surgery, but I wasn’t in bad shape with the naproxyn and better work habits, etc. There were no giant foam blocks, just a rigid bandage thingy and a giant latex glove to wear in the shower. So I was cheated of my chance to make gratuitous anime jokes!

    But at no point in this did I have to do any hoop-jumping beyond filling out the forms you do for any new doctor.

    My other story about this is that one of the bills related to this was for about $5000. Reduced to $500 by my insurance provider’s contract, and they paid 90% of that. So what was nominally $5000 cost me $50.

    I wonder how much the health care debates are distorted by people like me with good insurance just not understanding the amount of BS people with poor or no insurance have to go through.

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