Mary Robinette Kowal Ups the Ante

It involves taking the Giant Block of Foam to the next level. And yes, the next level involves bacon.

Or, well. Should.

24 thoughts on “Mary Robinette Kowal Ups the Ante

  1. If she’d used real bacon, the cat probably wouldn’t be going for his throat like that.

  2. I like the comment on her blog that the bacon should be taped to the cat, then the cat to the GBoF. Alternatively, tape bacon to all 3 of them.

    Also, must be real bacon. Fakin’ doesn’t count.

  3. There’s some bacon on the foam on the man in the house with the man with the bacon on the cat in a hole on the bottom of the sea…

  4. You do realize John that eventually at some con or book signing you are going to get ambushed by three people who tackle you, tape bacon to you, take your photo, and then post it all over the net, right?

  5. I don’t suspect actually assaulting me and photographing the evidence and putting it on the Web is the smartest thing those people could do, Keri.

  6. I wasn’t talking smart, I was talking comedy gold. The two usually have nothing to do with each other. Isn’t that why many of us hang out with film dumb drunk people?

    And of course Wil could then make a Velvet BaconJohn* framed painting for you for a total win.

    *or would it be BaconMan, since it’s BaconCat and not BaconGhlaghghee? I think BaconMan is a superhero I could really support!

  7. I can see the tagline now:

    When evil rears its ugly head, the city needs a hero who cooks in his own fat.

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