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RIP, James Bellows

The Los Angeles Times runs a long obit today on James Bellows (as does the New York Times), who was the newspaper equivalent of the patron saint of lost causes, since his job was taking over the also-ran newspapers in big cities and giving them one last burst of life before they finally folded. This […]

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Spoiler Statute of Limitations

Last night I decided to annoy some geeks, so I wrote on Twitter: “Note to Watchmen fans: THERE IS NO CONSPIRACY. THE COMEDIAN JUMPED.” Which immediately returned a series of death threats and furious rebukes, so, you know, mission accomplished (note: no, I don’t think any of those people were actually upset). But along with […]

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Splitting an Unsplittable Baby

From the LA Times article on the Prop 8 California Supreme Court hearings: The California Supreme Court appeared ready today to vote to uphold Proposition 8, the November ballot measure that banned gay marriage, but also seemed ready to decide unanimously to recognize existing same-sex marriages. Yeah, but how? Prop 8 was pretty unambiguous about […]

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Remember how for years people thought Watchmen would be unfilmable, and then someone went and filmed it anyway? Yeah, good times, good time. In this week’s AMC column, I talk about other science fiction titles that have been considered “unfilmable” — and whether anyone’s planning to try to film them. And then I ask you […]

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Apropos to the Ripper Owens Post

Shorter Michael Steele: Why, yes, Mr. Limbaugh, it would be perfectly all right if you were to dine on my recently-removed testicles during your radio show, chortling like a mad hyena as you did so. That thing where I said earlier that Limbaugh wasn’t leading the GOP? Crap like this doesn’t make that position any […]

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