Daily Archives: April 1, 2009

Reader Request Week 2009 #5: Having Been Poor

X writes: Reading your ‘being poor’ topic and having been under-monetized at points in my past, I’m wondering how you think that affects/should affect a person’s current lifestyle. Could being a packrat be related to that? Habitually looking at the price of everything just another case of OCD? How about being traumatized by the thought […]

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Because I Don’t Need a Culturally Sanctioned Day to Lie My Ass Off to All Y’all

I will not be trying to fool you all here today. Rather, I will feed you lies and disinformation on any day I damn well feel like doing it. I may have done it already, in fact. You don’t know. You will never know. That’s what makes it fun. That is all.

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Yes, I’ve Seen It

ThinkGeek’s April Fool’s Day product for the year: Squeez Bacon. And yes, I received about ten e-mails about it in five minutes. You can stop sending the e-mail. More than one of the e-mail wrote something along the line of “clearly they were thinking about you.” Well, while in fact the folks at ThinkGeek and […]

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