Daily Archives: April 2, 2009

Ohioana Book Festival Appearance

This May 9th, I’m going to be a featured author at the Ohioana Book Festival, in Columbus, which is a festival dedicated to showing off the literary talents of Ohio’s resident authors. In addition to the featured authors (which aside from me include R.L. Stine, Margaret Peterson Haddix and seven others), there will be an […]

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Hugo Voter Packet Update

It’s coming along nicely but damn, is it huge. We have a lot of nominees participating, in a whole bunch of categories. I strongly suspect just e-mailing it won’t work this time around, so I’m looking at ways to do a password-protected download, optimally where I can generate a new password for each person. If […]

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The Sounds of METAtropolis — Free For a Limited Time

The folks at Audible.com are very excited that METAtropolis has been nominated for the Hugo Award for  Best Dramatic Presentation, Long Form — it’s that whole “hey, we’re breaking ground by being the first audiobook nominated for a Hugo” thing. The Audible folks are also aware that when you’re an audiobook up against The Dark […]

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