Daily Archives: April 3, 2009

Buy Bob’s Old House

Facebook Friend Charles Cogar alerts me to the fact that the house Robert Heinlein built in Colorado Springs is now up for sale. And for just $650,000! It can be your own freehold! No, I don’t plan to buy it. The Scalzi Compound suits me just fine, thanks.

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Reader Request Week #9: Can I Be Bought?

Slick asks: I am rich and crazy. I want you to write a novel, putting forth your best effort. It will be objectively considered your best work to date. And then I want you to name a flat rate for you to sell it to me. I will have it published under my own name. […]

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Iowa Lets You Marry The Person You Love

Even if that person has the same plumbing you do. A summary of the ruling is here. And of course the same sort of people who pulled off the bigoted and hateful stripping of civil rights from same-sex couples will try to do it here, too. However, unlike California, Iowa requires constitutional amendments to get […]

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Reader Request Week 2009 #8: Twitter

Ben rather crankily wants to know my thoughts on: Twitter: A revolution in information consumption & dissemination OR I don’t give a fuck what you want for breakfast. What Twitter is, frankly, is a public exhibition of what used to be a private activity. It’s phone texting — its character limit is right in line […]

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