Buy Bob’s Old House

Facebook Friend Charles Cogar alerts me to the fact that the house Robert Heinlein built in Colorado Springs is now up for sale. And for just $650,000! It can be your own freehold!

No, I don’t plan to buy it. The Scalzi Compound suits me just fine, thanks.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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That’s Robert Heinlein’s place? I thought he built a crooked house.

He did, but it turned out to be dimensionally unstable.

If you want a cryptic hidden message the appropriate one would be “Creation took Eight Days”.

In the mid-90’s, in Colorado Springs, I worked with a woman who told this wonderful story about living in Heinlein’s neighborhood as a teenager. They were doing a scavenger hunt once (back in the days when people still did door-to-door scavenger hunts), and one of the items on their list was a lock of red hair. They knocked on the Heinlein’s door, Virginia Heinlein answered, and they got their lock of red hair.

Re: #9: I’m guessing part of what you’re paying for is the view. But yeesh; it’s been so heavily renovated that it’s downright misleading to put Heinlein’s name on the real estate listing.

The sliding kitchen table in the original house is kind of cool.

Actually, Tully, I’ve met Oberon a while back when he was still at the Ravenheart commune. I doubt he remembers me, but it was at an “Addams Family Reunion” party. He’s a pretty gracious host.

The con sounds great. Wish I could afford to go. Damn recession.

I was driving cross country with a friend and we decided to stop by and see the house. We knocked on the front door mostly for permission to take a few snaps of her house and the lady (whose folks had purchased the house from the Heinleins) was good enough to give us a tour, including of the bomb shelter (which is off to the right of the house). Much of it was totally remodeled, as I understand it, but the laundry room near the kitchen he used for writing was still in tact.

Here’s the bomb shelter.

Captain Button: I’m too lazy to go looking for the source of my info, but yes, I think he (and/or Virginia) built those decorative ponds. FWIW.

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