For Some Reason I Have a Feeling You May Need a Cat Picture Today

So here you go:

Lopsided Cat, apparently having a thought, which I suspect was “Wow, if that spot on the desk was clear, I could sleep on it.” I say I suspect it, because once I did indeed clear that spot, that’s exactly what he did. Hey, I didn’t say Lopsided Cat was a deep thinker. Just a very cat-like one.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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Taking any spot you may have cleared for your own use is indeed a very catlike action. I have more than once nearly sat on cats because I stood up briefly and the apparent vacuum this created on the couch was instantly filled by a cat. I suspect that they don’t think in terms of if a spot were available they could sleep in it; it seems more like “Hey! A space! I bet I can fit into it! And if not, who cares!”

My cat took over the mouse pad as a nap spot. My choices were move the mouse or get hand slept on. I am pleased to see that your cat has the Jedi mind trick down. Mine is not so subtle.

Lopsided Cat is a handsome fellow. He excites all my ‘I want a kitty’ feelings. I’m sure his sleeping cat-body added appreciably to the comfort of your office once he captured the clean spot.

Can you schedule a Kodi picture for those of us who are members of the Kodi Appreciation Society in the somewhat near-ish future?

Kodi Appreciation Society

… ALL YOUR BASE! For the “obsolescent meme resurrection award”, of course.

A very nice photo of Lopsided Cat, who is a very handsome fuzzy kitty. Except that his expression seems to be “You have failed me for the last time” to me.

I find that “you WILL clear the space so I may sleep” focused stare very familiar… and all of the world (well John anyway) makes it happen. Would that all problems could be solved and sleep obtained, with such focus.

Thanks for sharing Lopsided Cat with us.

And Chang who is not Chang has yet to comment on behalf of the Ghlaghghee Adoration Society or something like that.
So if Chang is not Chang who is not Chang, then is Chang who is not Chang also masquerading as Ghlaghghee on Twitter and the occasional commenter on Whatever by the same name?

By the way, this is the most convoluted comment membership I’ve ever paid attention to. Of course, Whatever has the distinction, in my world, of being the only blog that I regularly click into from my LJ feed to read the comments.

Well, Hugh, if we’re honest about it, we have to admit that we don’t know that Chang who is not Chang is not Chang. We only have his/their word for it. It’s possible that Chang is Chang who is not Chang. In which case he should be Chang who is Chang who is Chang, not Chang who is Chang who is not Chang, or Chang who is not Chang who is not Chang.

But! Perhaps Chang who is not Chang is a different Chang than the Chang who is not Chang who is not Chang, and therefore of course must be Chang.

O Great Scalzi, what a superb picture of Mighty Lopsided Cat illuminated by the Universal Perfect Radiance of the Beauteous Ghlaghghee.

Congratulations – you have managed to create a well-composed and in-focus image of Mighty He. Finally the constructive criticisms of the long-suffering Executive Committee have borne fruit. Now all you have to do – and it’s such a tiny step, one we presume you can do easily – is to create a similar image of Magnificent She. Come on, pull up your big boy pants and have a go.

The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club

PS – The low-brow and uncultured nature of the Whatever readership has rarely been better displayed. I am Chang, who is not Chang. How is this not perfectly clear? This other person some foolish commenters have confused me with is best referred to as Previous Chang.

I’ve seen that expression on my Ariel’s face. Usually it’s aimed at the laptop taking up what Ariel knows is her rightful place in my lap.

And if her stare was any more baleful, any more focused, any more powerful, the laptop would probably spontaneously combust. Which would be unfortunate for – well, for Ariel as well as for me – since the Amazing Exploding Computer would render my lap unsittable-innable.

So Chang is now Previous Chang per Chang who is not Chang and not Ghlaghghee either.
And the Kodi Appreciation Society wants a picture of “Ant-eater thing.”

All I want to know is Socks or no socks?

My cats don’t like clear spots – they actually prefer me to put down a book, school assignment, bills, freshly folded clothes, etc for them to lay on(and shed some fur)

Excellent picture! Caption:

LC projects the pensive, stern-but-fair demeanor of an instructor coping with an errant pupil: “If you do that again, the entire class will be able to study your innards at close range.”

Adorable, well-mannered … and completely focused.

Captain Button @51: The Chang who will be Chang – and the Chang who will be not-Chang – are within each of us. The more we seek them, the further afield we stray.

Haha, I don’t comment much, so I haven’t had the timestamp -on appended to my name before. I wonder if that could become a grammatical marker.

Jeff O @ 54, mine do that too, at least with books, magazines, and clothes. Mainly when they’ve been placed on the bed, which you would think would be much more comfortable sans book. But as soon as I put down a book on it, a cat wanders up and sits down, and if I’m doing a puzzle in a magazine while in bed that’s where the cat(s) wants to be. Maybe they just want me to write on them.

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