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This is fun: Someone who says she does not actually read Whatever reviews Your Hate Mail Will Be Graded, which is, of course, a compilation of Whatever entries over ten years. The verdict?

[O]ne needn’t be an avid blogger/blog reader to enjoy this collection of thoughtful and engaging essays. The entries are nearly without fail erudite, charming, almost frighteningly well-informed and presented with an unapologetic confidence both compelling and disarming… this collection of essays is worthy of being read as a stand-alone work of huge entertainment and informational value. Such a strong modern journalistic voice presented outside of online format is refreshing, frankly, as is finding such a respected figure in SF&F well-rounded enough to write on such a variety of topics.

I can’t complain about any of that. And it is good to know that someone who isn’t a regular reader of Whatever might still find this book worth reading; it’s one of the things I would hope for, actually.

As long as we’re talking about Hate Mail, incidentally, I’ll note to folks that Subterranean Press tells me it’s down to the last 70 or so copies of the hardcover edition. If you’re actually hoping to get a physical copy of your own to love and squeeze and hold tight to your chest on those long nights, now is a good time to do it, either through Subterranean (in which case it will come with the additional chapbook Waiting for Athena), or through Amazon (in which case it won’t). It’s also available in eBook form through Webscriptions, and will be part of the Hugo Voter Package when it goes up a bit later in the month.

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  1. In addition to using many other adjectives, she said “huge entertainment.” John, you should be proud.

  2. In addition to using many other adjectives, she said “huge entertainment.” John, you should be proud.
    P.S. – Sorry, forgot to tell you great post!

  3. “frighteningly well-informed”

    Yes, well-informed people scare me, too. Anyone not ignorant enough to be easily bent to my will is a threat.

    Sorry John, nothing personal. ;-)

  4. Certainly an excellent review, Mr. Scalzi. Congratulations. While I certainly agree you should be proud and need have no complaints on a personal level, I need to ask:

    Am I the only one who found the comment that “finding such a respected figure in SF&F well-rounded enough to write on such a variety of topics” was yet another slap by the literatzi at the science fiction and fantasy genres, a very subtle, “Well, who would have thought someone from that field could do something like this!”?

  5. darn twitter’s 140 character limit— here’s the long version

    It seems to me the methods involving bacon and/or cats (or anything else that he has any affection for) are too good for him. His demise should involve something John really dislikes, like the stupid things that Rush Limbaugh tends to say, or people trying to impose their hateful bigotry on others, or the Creation Museum. ok – here it goes- force John dress as a coconut and watch/listen to Fox News/Rush/Pat Robertson etc. until he JUST. CAN’T. TAKE. IT. ANYMORE. and willingly throws himself into the awaiting jaws of a pneumatically powered life-sized T.Rex. Mmmmmm crunchy!

  6. I would like to point out that I ordered my copy from Subterranean Press and did not receive the chapbook. I thought maybe it was a limited thing and they had run out, but if you are still saying that they are sending one with it, I might have to throw a little fit.

  7. I read Old Man’s War, the Hate Mail then I started reading your blog. So the book can be enjoyed by those who don’t read the site.

  8. Heeeeey. This is a clips show of the book world.
    It was priceless to see the look on the waiter’s face at lunch today as I started on the first entry, “Jesus’ Dickheads”. Maybe not what he expected to see on the screen of the customer in the corporate suit.

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