E-Mail Fixed

The server was full of spam and bouncing e-mail. I have despammed it and put in an additional layer of spam filter. Between that and GMail’s spam filter, hopefully I will never be troubled by spam again. EVAR.

However, it does mean the for an hour or two I was not receiving e-mail at all. Just to be safe, if you sent me any e-mail in the last day you were hoping I might respond to, send it along again. Thanks.

10 Comments on “E-Mail Fixed”

  1. Well Damn! Just Damn!

    I sent you an email with the answers to three of life’s greatest questions and I didn’t save a copy since, ya’know, I sent them to you.

    Now we’ll never know.

    Hope you’re happy.


  2. Did you get the email I sent about the business proposal involving my rich overseas uncle who needs a safe haven for his $42,000,000? I assume not, as I haven’t gotten a response.

  3. @Nathan #1 just look in your sent folder. . .

    @Steve #2 Was that you who told me a relative of mine died and left me money?

  4. What is the ideal punishment for spammers, do you think? It should be marginally ghastly, and it should make the spammer into a hideous example…

  5. @Deb make them consume at least one of the items they’re trying to sell, even if they’re not edible.

  6. I’ll just repost the email I sent you here:

    Greeting, I am Prince Joe Nigerian.
    I send you email about I am lawyer, and am executing the estate of the honorable Mr. Smith Jefson, wealthy American and ale tycoon, who was live in Nigeria. Mr. Jefson recently pass away along with family in tragic soup can explosion. Now, I must transfer all his money account to foreign bank, else the Nigerian government will size them. If you let allow me to transfer funds to you’re money account, we can split profits you have 50% and I have 70%. You’re total comes to less than 20 million American dollars and cents. If you accept, please to reply this email posthast, with you’re money account number, social security number, copy of drivers card and dental records. You are nobody I can trust. Thank you for time.
    –Dr. Prince Joe Nigerian, Esq. PHD

  7. It’s not necessary to send leave a message that you’ve e-mailed. Just e-mail (unless, of course, your e-mail didn’t make it through).