Ghlaghghee and Zeus Prepare to Send for the Restaurant Manager

They’ve been in those seats for hours and the bartender never came to take their drink order!

But there are reasons:

1. Cats don’t carry cash and rarely have working credit cards;

2. Their idea of a tip is a disembowled vole;

3. Zeus is underage anyway.

And anyway, everyone knows cats can’t handle their liquor. One beer and they fall asleep right on the barstool. Heck, sometimes they don’t even need the beer. But, clearly, don’t tell them that. They’re annoyed as it is.

19 Comments on “Ghlaghghee and Zeus Prepare to Send for the Restaurant Manager”

  1. Chang who is not Chang is going to be very irritated about this one. Not about the picture, which is cute and relatively in focus. But the temerity to try to intuit her glorious shimmering radiance’s thought process and intentions…unacceptable.

    That being said, this is damn cute and I give it a thumbs up from the “I like all the pets and their pictures” fan club. That and a “You’re a KITTY!”

  2. I have some voles in my front yard that they can have for free! And a bottle of whatever for their owner…

  3. So, do they have a preference? Drink wise? I’m guessing Fat Cat Pale Ale for Zeus, but Fluffy there looks more like a catnip spritzer drinker.

    Lopsided Cat wasn’t invited? Probably because that whole drunk and barfing all over the kitchen floor incident last time, huh? Never mix Tequila with Friskies, that’s my motto.

  4. Scotch and milk was a favorite of my Siamese. We always got him loaded before lancing an abscess or the like. Got him drunk and wrapped him in a towel; did wonders for keeping really sharp claws from puncturing our dainty bits.

  5. They are going to send for the restaurant manager?

    I hope they find him edible.

  6. O Great Scalzi, what an excellent picture of Her Most Glorious Shimmering Radiant Perfection and TempCat Zeus.

    However, there are some helpful tips the Executive Committee would like to provide you:

    1. Magnificent She should be more centered in the frame.
    2. TempCat Zeus, when not the sole subject of the image, is best reserved as a prop.
    3. This image contains too many extraneous items of no interest.
    4. And somehow, you still haven’t gotten the hang of the notion of depth of field. And to compound your error, you seem to have focused on TempCat Zeus rather than the Beauteous Ghlaghghee. This is always incorrect.

    And of course your interpretation of Her Actions are as foolish as ever. Indeed, your ravings this time are so contrived and ridiculous we suspect it is you who has overindulged some psychoactive substance, despite your prior claims not to do so.

    The Executive Committee will not presume to interpret this image other than to note Her Expression clearly indicates that you still – despite all of Her Efforts – manage to disappoint on a regular basis.

    The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club

  7. Well, they could also be sitting in the bar of a certain convention during a certain year. Fortunately the next year service was much better.

  8. I’m surprised that neither of them are making a play for what appears to be a skein of yarn on top of the bar.

  9. That photo cracks me up. I can see Siegfried and Angelina doing it, waiting for an ‘adult’ beverage. Yum and Badb are not as outgoing.

    BUT. If the bartender ignored them, Siegfried would be taking action. He is the cat that can’t leave well enough alone and I’m surprised he hasn’t gotten into more trouble than he has so far (he’s only 2-ish). He is a gigantic cat for a domestic shorthair, and can jump up onto just about anything (so far we haven’t caught him up on top of the bookcases… but I’m sure it could happen).

  10. You have a bar in your house?

    Well, okay. But whatever you do, don’t get some of the other furnishings found in neighborhood bars.

    Cats and an air hockey table… don’t, just dont.

  11. Hahahaha. I would love to see my cats on an air hockey table. In fact, that may be the best argument I can think of in favor of getting one.