My Memory Is Not What It Was, Plus Book Haul Re-Starting

Funny story: I got a package of books from Eos and Avon yesterday, the biggest of which was an ARC of The New Space Opera 2, an upcoming anthology of (you guessed it!) space opera stories. About which I thought, hmmm, I wonder who’s in it. So I turned it over to look at the back cover list of contributors and discovered that among others, I am a contributor. At which point I felt really stupid, because, duh, I’ve actually written here about the fact I’ve got a story in it. Note to self: too much artificial sweetener is turning your brain to mush.

Incidentally, the anthology looks good. Aside from me, it’s got stories by Robert Charles Wilson, Cory Doctorow, Neal Asher, Garth Nix, Justina Robson, Bruce Sterling and the proverbial And Many More. Also, my story in the anthology, “The Tale of the Wicked,” doesn’t suck. So that’s nice, too. The whole thing drops in July.

Speaking of getting piles of books from publishers, I’m going to start doing the “Book Haul” entries again, since there are a ton of good books that are coming in, and even though I am posting a fair number of Big Idea pieces, I do feel guilty about getting all these cool books and not saying anything about them — and also, I figure you might want to know what’s out there these days. I was going to start posting them earlier in the year, but as noted my memory isn’t what it was, and besides, rumor is I’ve been busy (it’s just a rumor; even so). So let’s say beginning next week I’ll start doing a better job of letting you know what’s coming across the transom, all the better to suck money out of your pocket and to support authors, publishers and bookstore, who, hell, kinda need the cash right about now, don’t you think? I think so too.

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  1. I think you should get And Many to put together a Big Idea piece. I always wondered how she comes up with such a wide range of cool things to write about.

  2. …authors, publishers and bookstore, who, hell, kinda need the cash right about now, don’t you think?

    Yeah, but so does everyone else. :-/

  3. Noooooo!

    Don’t do it!

    Every time you post info on the books you got, I find more books I have to buy!


  4. Here’s my ad for stevia:

    Try it instead of an artificial sweetener. It’s as natural as maple syrup, has no calories, lowers your blood pressure (if you like that sort of thing).

    Because I’ve read your stories, and I care.

  5. At which point I felt really stupid, because, duh, I’ve actually written here about the fact I’ve got a story in it.

    I once glumly asserted to someone that Panshin’s Rite of Passage was out of print even though the Science Fiction Book Club – who I freelance for – had recently reprinted it and I participated in the process that brought RoP back into print. Stupid memory is stupid.

  6. I just started reading the first “New Space Opera” last night. I’m glad to see that a second one will be coming out, cause I like me some Space Opera

  7. What is the definition of a Space Opera? Because I think it one big ole long story. Not short ones. Generally multi novel and all connected. Weber’s Honor Harrington, Bill Baldwin’s Helmsman saga. etc…

    So I am confused by a book of Space Operas unless said book is really freaking huge.

  8. Space Opera (in my half-baked opinion) is defined not by scale of work (so you can have space opera short stories) but by the scope of the story. If your heroes and villains are larger than life, if your plot threatens to change all the universe (or galaxy or system or whatever), if good and evil are at each others’ throats, that’s space opera.

  9. July huh? Sorry John, I’m already standing in the line for the first (print) edition of METAtropolis. Seriously, if you want us to read all your stories you’ll have to start writing some that suck or at least stagger the release dates.

  10. John, let’s do a little test here. What day is it? Where were you born? Who is the President? Do you still have your driver’s license? Just making sure you aren’t getting early-stage author’s Alzhemier’s. Forgetting you had a published story…I wish I had your problems.

  11. Unless my own memory has entirely failed me, the first Space Opera book was sf short stories involving song specifically. That’s what the title referred to, rather than the scope of the story. Still, it’s been some years and I never did finish the book.

  12. Also remember you promised to perform your latest works on stage in a nice pink party dress with bows in your hair, and we’re all just thrilled to attend.

  13. Alex @ 14- Exactly. But apparently some folk are so mushy, they can’t even remember the warnings disguised as commercials. It’s scary.

  14. Nice to see Garth Nix putting out some short fiction. Might get a few copies of this in the store, anthologies are always a tough sell but there are enough big names on there to move books.

  15. In other news, Kristine Kathryn Rusch reads and posts on Whatever. How cool is that!

    If you, John, or any of the posters here have not read the Recovery Man series, I highly, highly recommend it. A couple of them are out of print, so you’ll have to look for them, but if you are into CSI or Law and Order type of police procedural with your science fiction, they are worth every bit of effort to find. A new one just came out – it was fantastic.

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