Today’s Deep Thought

Via Diesel Sweeties (and to me, via akreventlov on Twitter):

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  1. I thought of you when I read that in my feed this morning. Then I thought of sending it to you, but realized a dozen other people probably would before I could and resisted the temptation. It’s good to know I can be right every once in a while.

  2. Oh god please noooooooooo!!!!!

    I’ve never found Diesel Sweeties to be funny or interesting in any way. The writing is poor and it’s never funny. The posted strip isn’t funny, even if one understands the reference. And for the people who read this in the newspaper, I’d bet 99% of them don’t understand it.

    I’ll never understand why my local newspaper made this the top strip on the first page of the Sunday comics, with more alloted space than any other comic in the section. Thank god they finally stopped running it.

  3. Oh god….even I misunderstood it at first. But after a second reading and better understanding, I still don’t think it’s funny.

  4. Keri…so did I. And I kinda cringed. But that’s just me.

    And, speaking of bacon: “Bacon” has become the safe-word at the yarn shop where I knit. Whenever the talk around the table veers off into a topic someone is uncomfortable with, or if politics or religion come up, all someone has to do is say “bacon” and the subject changes immediately.

    Politics and religion are forbidden subjects there mainly because we have a wide range of regular knitters…from conservative Christians to liberal Christians to pagans to agnostics and atheists, as well as from all parts of the political spectrum. All of us want to stay friends, so we just don’t talk about those things at the table.

    So, a new use for bacon.

  5. Kevin, DS is much funnier in the online version. He had to pull his punches a great deal for the print version, so he eventually stopped doing it.

  6. I wonder if bacon is popular as a subconscious one-of-us identifier? Bacon excludes devout Muslims and Jews.

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