Obligatory E-mail Notice, 4/10/09, Plus Additional Mail Reminders

Okay, I’m pretty sure I’ve caught up with all the e-mail I need to respond to from the last week. However, if you sent me e-mail and were hoping for a response and didn’t get one, feel free to resend. Sometimes stuff slips through the cracks.

That said, I do want to remind people that there’s a fair amount of e-mail I get that I might not respond to, either right away or at all, not because I’m trying to be rude but just because I get lots of mail and I have to prioritize. Stuff I’m likely not to immediately respond to (or will possibly not respond to at all) include quick little comments about something on Whatever, link solicitations/pointers and press releases. I’m not ignoring them (and I do like getting link suggestions, etc) — I read everything in my inbox that’s not spam. And I do consider all the link pleas/suggestions I get. I just, you know, get lots. I hope you understand.

I do of course try to respond to all fan mail/convention invites/interview requests, etc, even if briefly. But occassionally they will slip through the cracks and/or I’ll look at them, plan to respond later and then totally forget. As always, if you’ve sent something for which you’ve hoped for a response, after about a week, feel free to resend.

Final note: my e-mail address here (i.e., is really the best way to reach me. I occasionally look at my mailboxes on Facebook/Myspace/Goodreads, etc, but not with any regularity. My mailbox, on the other hand, I check obsessively. Just saying.


By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

3 replies on “Obligatory E-mail Notice, 4/10/09, Plus Additional Mail Reminders”

He’s not lying either. I emailed a week or two ago that the blog was eating my comments (had been for a while) and I got an email response like a nanosecond later telling me he’d get it fixed.

(John, your response sounded like you thought I might have actually been miffed or something…like you’d care. I assure you I was just eager to share my epic inanities with all the other whateverites.)

I sent you something awhile back, but I didn’t expect a response because, you know, you’re a really busy guy and I’m just another pimple on the butt of the earth. The only reason I’d sent it was I figured you get lots of sensible mail and you could use a bit of silly too. The type of mail that can be scanned briefly, possibly chuckled at, then tossed in the bin. I only hope it was a success, but its one of those random acts of insanity to which you never recieve the conclusion, but must always simply wonder if it got off at all.

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