Go Buy a Tobias Buckell Novel or Three

Why? Because as of this morning he and the missus have got two extra mouths to feed.

Congrats to the both of them (and to both of the new Buckells).

9 Comments on “Go Buy a Tobias Buckell Novel or Three”

  1. I hate when aliens kidnap people and add body parts then return them.

    Oh. Wait. Just clicked link.

    Congrats. Much better way of getting more mouths..

  2. For anyone skittering away from this one, I’ve bought all of Toby’s books and haven’t regretted a penny.

    He’s good people, too. Twit him and stuff. Yes.

  3. ruzkin – I was born in Hong Kong in '85 and knew by the age of six that I wanted to be a writer. People spent the next fifteen years telling me it was impossible. Fifteen years too late, I've told them to shove it. I live in Melbourne, study Industrial Design, work in a bookshop and write every day. One day I'll crack the market. You're welcome to wait and watch for as many years as that takes.

    Bloody hell. I don’t have any books of his left to by. But I’ll gladly make him my recommended author for the month, that should move some copies.

    Poor sod. Two at once!

  4. spacejock – Simon Haynes is the author of four Hal Spacejock novels, a number of articles on writing and publishing, and several short stories, one of which collected an Aurealis Award in 2001. He divides his time between writing fiction and computer software, with the occasional round of golf thrown in for a laugh. Born in the UK and raised in the south of Spain, Simon emigrated to Australia with his family in 1983. He's a founding member of Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, and lives in Perth with his wife and two children.

    That’s an odd coincidence – I mentally composed an identical blog post this arvo whilst tiling the floor. Glad someone got to it first ;-)

  5. I’m not really in the mood for another novel. I have so many yet to read. But I guess I could pick up his halo book, I was waiting to see if it might hit stanza (iPod)

  6. Damn, the Ohio SF Cabal really has the mind control rays cranked up to full power. I picked up Ragamuffin on the weekend, not even knowing…

    And I didn’t sleep very well over the weekend either. I think you may need to give the machinery a tune up – there seems to be a bit of extra fade-in on the signal… =)

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