Updates on BigIdeaAuthors.com and Hugo Voter Packet

A quick update on these two projects, since I’m getting mail about both:

BigIdeaAuthors.com: The development side of this is going along swimmingly — Web guru Tony Geer is helping us whomp up a site design we really like and that we think is going to work very well, and everything else is proceeding apace. That said, we’re going to blow right past our original planned debut date of April 20 (i.e., next week), mostly because things are taking time, and here at BIA we long ago made the executive decision that it’s better to launch when everything’s right, and not simply to make a deadline. You only get the chance to debut once, after all.

In the meantime, of course, I’ll be continuing to post Big Idea pieces here at Whatever, so you won’t be missing out on any of those. And I’ll keep everyone in the loop about when BigIdeaAuthors.com will debut.

Hugo Voter Packet: It’s assembled and ready to go and now we’re just waiting on the green light from the Anticipation Web site tech folks. Patience; it won’t be long now.

4 Comments on “Updates on BigIdeaAuthors.com and Hugo Voter Packet”

  1. I like this concept. I will be following it. Question – how can one “whomp up”? I always thought whomping was the action that Mario did on the goombas in Super Mario Brothers.

  2. Any idea when the Hugo packet will be ready? I’m leaving on a three-week trip Tuesday, with my Sony Reader, but without the computer I need to load the books onto the Reader. So if it shows up in the next few days, that would be much, much, much better than if it doesn’t.

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