Come On, People

Must I personally acknowledge on the Whatever every single bacon-related thing that occurs on the Internet before people stop sending me e-mail about it? One reason I put up the Canonical Bacon Page is so Whatever would not go All Bacon, All the Time, and that you wouldn’t have to e-mail me about every-bacon related thing. I do read the Canonical Bacon Page, you know, so the more than a dozen of you who have sent me e-mail about the bacon blowtorch after someone posted about it at the CBP are telling me things I already know. About bacon. Which is a thing I am strangely well aware of to begin with.

While it is indeed strange and surreal and, yes, amusing to have a large percentage of one’s personal e-mail be concerned about breakfast meat, after a while it can get monotonous. So please, and again: Before sending me e-mail about something new regarding bacon, check the Canonical Bacon Page to see if it’s been noted there — and if it hasn’t, why not leave a post there? Then it gets shared with lots of people (The CBP is perhaps not surprisingly well trafficked) and everybody’s happy, especially me. Thanks.

You May Be a Canadian and Not Even Know It!

Canada has changed its citizenship law, today, to include as citizens a bunch of folks who may not have suspected their own inborn, inherent Canadian-ness. So it’s entirely possible you are now a Canadian. Congratulations, have some poutine. Here are all the details, in case you want to gauge if you’ve suddenly become a stealth Canadian. And here’s a goofy YouTube video made about it.

I have not personally become a stealth Canadian, but I still have a big ol’ crush on Sarah McLachlan. Also, I want some Mackintosh’s toffee right now. Someone please send me some. A grateful non-Canadian thanks you in advance.