Happy Birthday Krissy

For yet another spin around the sun, the planet has been graced by the presence of my wife, whose general qualities on the awesome front have not lessened and have indeed by all measurable indications increased. You would think I would get tired of noting how stupid lucky I am to be with her, but, nope, not yet. Not even close. So if you have a mind to wish her a happy birthday today, please feel free.

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  1. Happy birthday, Krissy! Today is also…

    April 18. Flower Festival (Japan) / Sumardagurinn Fyrsti (Iceland) At first I thought it was Choke my spell checker day. However it turns out to be Happy Summer Day in Iceland. Sure its still just Spring, but they’re just happy to get out of the house is my guess.

  2. Oh, and Krissy — according to his blog, now is the perfect time to spring your honey-do list on your hubby. Apparently he has nothing to do but sit around playing video games.

    I’m just saying. :)

  3. Happy Birthday to the Incomparable Krissy, whose fabulousness is only exceeded by her ability to keep her husband on the straight and narrow.

  4. Hope you have a great birthday, Krissy! It’s always fun when weekends and birthdays coincide.

  5. Happy Birthday Krissy, keep your husband tied to the grindstone of writing more books so that he can support you in your dotage, which won’t be for a while.

  6. Happy Birthday Krissy!

    Now that I know you’re an Aries married to a Taurus, I have even more respect for your restraint!

  7. Happy Birthday Krissy – I trust that Mr. Scalzi is giving you your due in pampering and generally making the day memorable for you.

  8. I can’t see it, either – just a “This photo is currently unavailable” message.

    None the less:

    Happy Birthday, Krissy!

  9. Happy Birthday Krissy!

    May both John and Athena contribute to enrich your life rather than complicate it.

    Congratulations with your achievements so far and success on the road ahaead.

  10. Happy Birthday Krissy!

    (and Scalzi, I know how you feel, I mean, not specifically with your wife, obviously… but I still get a ‘stupid lucky’ feeling most days about my husband. It’s a good feeling)

  11. Happy Birthday, Krissy!

    “This is your birthday song,
    It isn’t very long.”

  12. What a coincidence — it’s my wife’s birthday too. I feel the same way about her. Happy birthday, Krissy and Rebekah. You make a couple of semi-nerdy know-it-alls very very happy.

  13. Happy birthday sweetie. Sorry I’m late but I’ve lost all ability to keep track of birthdays not on my facebook. (lame…I know).

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