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Meanwhile On Twitter

Scalzi: Nominee for “Song So Uniquely Suiting a Band That All Its Covers Suck”: “Love Will Tear Us Apart,” Joy Division. Discuss. The_No_Show: True. Plus: every time I hear a Joy Division cover, I want to hang myself. Scalzi: That’s just MEAN. The_No_Show: What? Too soon?

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No Longer Stepping So Harshly on Robert Heinlein’s Toes

Behold! The new title of Zoe’s Tale in German: Some of you may recall that previously ZT’s title in German was intended to be Zwischen den Planeten, which translates to Between Planets, which is, of course, the title of a Heinlein juvenile novel. I asked if we might not be able to change it just […]

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Michael Hedges

Because people mentioned Michael Hedges in the comments to one of yesterday’s posts, and because my friend Kevin Stampfl, whose birthday it is today, is an admirer of his, here’s a Michael Hedges video, with him playing a very wacky looking but cool sounding harp guitar: Hedges, unfortunately, not still with us; he died 12 […]

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