Why It Matters

You’ll recall about a month ago I wrote about my friend Peter Dubuque, who passed away suddenly. Today over at AmericaBlog, his husband Steve Kleinedler explains why it mattered that they were married, both in life and also in death. It’s worth the read.

Our Long National Nightmare is Over

My new DSL modem has arrived and works just fine.

DSL Outage Day Two: The Madness Continues

Right at the moment my local library is still closed, but its wifi hotspot is up, so I’m sitting in my minivan outside the building, typing on my nettop and hoping the neighbors don’t call in the creepy dude typing on a computer in his car. I can’t believe it’s come to this. On the other hand I had e-mail and other stuff that I needed to catch up on. Also, I’m twitching and shaking like a junkie in need of a fix. It’s sad, really.

In the comments to the previous message, someone disbelieved that it was that difficult for me to find wifi, saying that unless I live out in the middle of nowhere I probably live in a wifi cloud. Well, dude: As it happens, I do live in the middle of nowhere, in a house smack dab in the center of a piece of land exactly the size of a New York city block (i.e., which means no leaching of the neighbors’ wifi, if they had any, which they don’t), in a place that is 11 miles from the nearest McDonald’s or WalMart or coffee shop. The only place within miles that does have a wifi hotspot, besides me, is the library. Which is why I’m parked outside of it right now, looking like a creepy, creepy dude.

That said, having the DSL down means I’m catching up on my reading; at the moment I’m reading China Mieville’s upcoming book The City & The City, because he’ll be doing a Big Idea piece when it comes out, and they’ve sent it to me. It’s excellent so far; you may have read some reviews where people have noted that it hardly seems fantastical at all. These people are high. It’s totally fantastical, it’s just the sort of fantastical that people made uncomfortable by elves with swords can handle. You can’t blame China for other people’s literary prejudices. It’s not his fault.

All right, I’ve got a few more things to do before the sheriffs show up and ask me what I’m doing loitering near the library, so I’ll catch you all later. Remember that until the new DSL modem shows up, I’ll largely be incommunicado. Hopefully the new DSL modem shows up today. If not, I assume more furtive loitering is in my future. Loiter, loiter, loiter.

Summer SF Box Office

Over at AMC today I’m making very basic guesses on how well the summer science fiction movies are going to do, starting with that Wolverine flick that comes out in a couple of weeks. Don’t you want to know what I think? of course you do. That’s why you come here. So go over there. And feel free to leave a comment there on how you think summer science fiction will do.