So, with the exception of the Stranger in a Strange Land uncut edition and my old copy of Shogun which Athena was looking at, what you see here are some of the books that come to me on a daily basis, some to be considered for The Big Idea, some for potential blurbage, and some just because, you know, people like me. Beyond this pile, there’s an even larger pile at the foot of the desk, and over by the book shelf, and in front of the bookshelf, and out in the hallway. And more come every day. I love my life, man.

But as I noted last week, I’ve fallen behind in telling folks what’s been coming in, which means I’ve failing in two things: one, keeping you informed about the upcoming books you might be interested in, and two, making you jealous about the fact I have these books and you don’t. I was thinking of ways to rectify that when it occured to me: Hey, you know what would be an excellent medium for a short announcement of what new works have arrived in the mail? If you say “why, Twitter, of course!” then you get a gold star. And if you didn’t, well, you can have a gold star anyway. Because I know you tried.

So here’s my plan: Whenever new books come into the house, I’ll note them on Twitter with a #BookHaul tag. My Twitter feed propogates on Twitter and here on Whatever, so it’ll be a great way to address both audiences (all of whom, almost by definition, like to read). And this way I’ll not feel guilty about not keeping you all informed in the manner in which you have become accustomed (or would at least be willing to become accustomed). To start it off, I will this weekend be doing a Great Accounting, in which I will catch up on many of the books on the desk, off the desk, by the bookcase and in the hall. There will be many. Having thus caught up, from thenceforth I will update at the rather more leisurely pace of when they come in.

Don’t worry, I’ll still actually talk about books here on Whatever, and will continue running Big Ideas here until BigIdeaAuthors.com is ready to go. I just see this as a good way of getting out the word on what’s new that’s arrived here at the Scalzi Compound. And it’ll make Twitter feel loved. And that’s important, too.

My New Roof, Unassembled Format

At the end of winter a mighty wind blew (or something) and took a fair amount of the roof with it, so — oh, yay — we get to have a new roof, and today is the day it gets to be had. The roofers were here yesterday to drop all off the new shingles and such, and within the hour they will be here to apply them to the house, which occassion all manner of hammering and banging and tearing and shredding and sloths and fruit bats and breakfast cereals and so on. Which means a) no real chance for me to get any work done if it involves trying to think for more than one-and-a-half seconds in a row b) crazy insane dog going mad at all the thumping and bumping. Which of course brings us back to point a).

In short, today will be an excellent day to listen really loud music and not think at all. And so, this is my plan for the day. So if you call today, there’s a good chance our entire conversation will be thumps and bangs and me saying to you “WHAT?!? Hey, I can’t hear you, I’m listening to Slayer.” Mmmm… Slayer. I’m just warning you ahead of time, is all. Maybe just e-mail today.