Saturday #BookHaul

I just completed today’s #BookHaul; more than a dozen books including work from China Mieville, Ian McDonald, Chris Roberson, Chuck Palahnuik and Anne Bishop. It’s here.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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I enjoyed the bookhaul tweets this morning. The only thing I miss is seeing the book covers. Yes, I -know- that the cover often doesn’t represent what’s inside, but I like seeing them because sometimes I’ll remember the cover instead of the name or author when I’m at the bookstore. Yeah, I’m lame, but my mind seems to work better with visuals. Also, I’m notorious for not remembering names. Heck, I’m lucky I remember those of the people around me!

Still, I think the tweets are a pretty good way of doing this.

alright john, did you borrow from my “support your right to arm muffins” comment on your facebook thread, in the “weaponize muffins” sub-header above? if so, i want royalties — blueberry or marionberry mini-muffins would be nice. or is this just an instance of convergent evolution?


Have you read the last few? I think they are. I hold out hope due to fondness for the first 4 or 5, but the last couple, where he’s colaborating, were the first Robert Asprin books I’ve been able to put down (and, indeed, and to force myself to finish out of loyalty to the characters.).

Unfortunately, I just finished reading Katherine Allred’s “Close Encounters” (second from top in the picture). It’s not a very good book, in my opinion. It seems like the author is trying to be a poor person’s Catherine Asaro, while lacking both the requisite romantic and physics chops.

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