Sunday #BookHaul

More BookHaulery today, available to you here. Note I’ve caught up on 30 books over the last two days and I’ve hardly made a dent in the books I’ve recently received. Again: There are worse things in life.

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  1. New Space Opera 2. Hmm, how is that going to work? Don’t space operas, by definition, have more characters than Dune, and require at least 800 pages per? Doesn’t look like that volume could hold more than a third of one.

  2. I don’t understand. This is what you HAVE read, or what you just bought and NEED to read, or this is just a stack of books?

  3. I loved Ilona Andrews book as well. I have on order The Turning Tide. I just want to know if you open them all or read the back and create 3 piles 1) I will read 2) I will not read and 3) Maybe I will read.

  4. Joel Shepherd’s trilogy that starts with “Crossover” is good stuff. It’s a take on Shirow Masamune’s “Ghost in the Shell”, which was influenced by “Neuromancer”. Ripping good running, gunning, fun.

    Jack Tingle

  5. So….what is the possibility that Mr. Scalzi will have a sudden change of address to mine for a small fee?

  6. Read the first of the Ilona Andrews books, and basically thought, Meh, Dresden Files Lite. Maybe they’ve gotten better. I have the other two around here somewhere so I’ll see. But I have the new Jay Lake and Brandon Sanderson to read first. I love this job!

    Got The Sheriff of Yrnameer this week too. That looks like it has possibilities. An SF novel by a writer for The Daily Show? Hmmmm….

  7. Skip: Uh, no? Mind you, plenty of Space Operas do lean that way. It is by no means in the definition, though. The traditional definition, I believe, is that it’s dramatic (some would say melodramatic) storytelling that uses science-fictional settings where the actual scientific content is soft, entirely subserviant to the dramatic content, and not really driving the plot directly but enabling it. There’s nothing that stops you having a three page story featuring Dick and Jane, Princess of the Spaceways.

  8. Oooh, enjoy Twilight Herald! I liked that a lot. Lloyd really gets into his stride in this one, and the characters are starting to become ‘old friends’. Plot’s suitably twisted. Plus, it has vampires. And a necromancer, dude! Yay!

  9. I’m intrigued, what does “catching up” really mean, you’ve read thirty books in two days?

  10. Okay, I know I’m coming to this a few days late, but I’m confused. Weren’t you already reading the City and the City? Were you just reading a soft copy and the HC showed up for your bookhaul? And did you finish it?

  11. There are times when I deeply resent needing to sleep. The thought that this many books *can* arrive in a single day just makes me resent it more.

  12. Ooooh Matthew Sturges Midwinter – looks very cool. I need to drag myself out to get a copy.

  13. Hi John, do you ever get books outside your field to review? you know, things like Stagecoach construction in 1860 Missouri or the history of surinam?

  14. Fgsfds, having New Space Opera 2 months before it’s actually out? That’s unfair.

  15. Bloody hell! You get more books for promo than the average bookstore. Terrifying! Honestly, how do you keep up? DO you keep up?

  16. Is that Bill Baldwin’s long-awaited “The Turning Tide” ???

    It looks like someone else’s name. It does not look like Bill Baldwin on the spine. If BB has dilly-dallied so long that he lost the name rights, he will be disappointed.

    If it is – Argh! Jealousy overwhelms me! I have waited lo these ten years and more to learn what happens to Wilf Brim and his (many) lost loves, but most especially to Margot Eff’erwick.

    May stars light all thy paths.

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