Daily Archives: April 30, 2009

Anticipating Anticipation

Oh, and just to make it official: Yes, I will be at Anticipation this year. I think it should have been assumed by this point, since I said it would be, and also given I’m up for three Hugos I’d look like a bit of a dick if I wasn’t there, wouldn’t I. But I’m […]

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My Penguicon Schedule

What will I be doing while I am at Penguicon this weekend? I’m glad you asked! FRIDAY: No a damn thing, apparently. At least I can’t find anything I’m supposed to be on. Guess I’ll just hang about and be hang abouty. I’ll likely be in the lobby and/or bar. Come say hello. SATURDAY: 11am: […]

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Meanwhile, On LASER Twitter

Me: Everything is better with LASER in front of it: LASER pizza. LASER gerbil. LASER toothbrush. LASER sigmoidoscopy. Okay, maybe not that. ElectricPaladin: But everything is also better with KUNG FU. KUNG FU pizza. KUNG FU gerbil. KUNG FU toothbrush. Does this mean that LASER = KUNG FU!? Me: LASER does not equal KUNG FU, […]

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Those Germans and Their Laser Spaceships

Courtesy of a kind German reader, the cover art for the upcoming German edition of Agent to the Stars: And you ask: Is there, in fact, a laser-shooting spaceship in Agent to the Stars? And the answer is, why, no, no there is not. But apparently at some point it was decided at all my […]

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I Answer Mail

Over at the AMC column, I answer reader mail on whether women lusting after Hugh Jackman will affect the Wolverine box office, if I hate Georgle Lucas AND THINK HE SHOULD BE SHOT, and why years from now Speed Racer will be seen as absolutely brilliant. Okay, maybe not brilliant. Maybe just as more than […]

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