My Penguicon Schedule

What will I be doing while I am at Penguicon this weekend? I’m glad you asked!


No a damn thing, apparently. At least I can’t find anything I’m supposed to be on. Guess I’ll just hang about and be hang abouty. I’ll likely be in the lobby and/or bar. Come say hello.


11am: Can I Be Your Friend? Bringing Authors and Readers Together
Panelists: John Scalzi, Jim C. Hines, Wil Wheaton, Mary Robinette Kowal, Daniel Hogan, Dr. Philip Kaldon
Where: Ballroom 7

If I remember correctly, this one’s about managing relationships with your readers online and off, but mostly online.

1pm: Atari Competition!
Panelists: Wil Wheaton, Shawn Powers, John Scalzi
Where: Columbia

Will and Shawn are going to go after each other on the Atari 2600; I’m going to be there to mock the crap out of the both of them while they do it.

4pm: What’s so funny?
Panelists:David Crampton, John Scalzi, Jim C. Hines, Dan Hoyt, Daniel Hogan, Brian Briggs
Where: Poolside 1

We’ll be talking about humor on this one. Not that I know anything about THAT.

7pm: Lie to Me!
Panelists: John Scalzi, Mary Robinette Kowal, Sarah Hoyt, Elizabeth Bear
Where: Poolside 1

We’re going to get up there on the panel and just lie our asses off, apparently. No, it’s true.

8pm: Schmoozing 101
Panelists: John Scalzi, Mary Robinette Kowal
Where: Poolside 1

Mary and I will tell you how to mix and mingle without coming across like an overbearing loser.


9am: Book signing
Panelists: Catherynne M. Valente, John Scalzi, Jim C. Hines, Wil Wheaton, Sarah Hoyt, Dan Hoyt, Elizabeth Bear, Daniel Hogan, Brian Briggs
Where: Ballrooms 7/8

I’m signing books! And so are these other people.

And that’s what I’ll be doing. See you there.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

23 replies on “My Penguicon Schedule”

Remind us of your book signing philosophy: Are you a one-to-a-customer kind of a guy, or a just-keep-it-reasonable, or an I’m-not-going-anywhere,-were-you?

With my current employment situation a bit up in the air and the fact that I will be going to Marcon at the end of the month, I had to face hard facts and give this one a pass. It was a very hard decision to make since Wil Wheaton will be there and it doesn’t look like he’ll be out this way again anytime soon. I will be able to see you at Confluence, anyway.

I’ve been working on ‘overbearing loser’ for years and now you tell me I’ve wasted my time? Thanks. Thanks a lot.

Oh, and…GO SHAWN! Kick some Wheaton butt. (not that there’s anything wrong with Wheaton butt.)

There’ll even be lesser mortals at that 9am signing, including both Michigan contributors to the Writers of the Future Volume XXIV anthology — myself and Al Bogdan. And unlike ConFusion, we’ll actually have books there. I know, sounds crazy, doesn’t it?

See ya Saturday at 11, John!

Dr. Phil

I am so sorry I’m going to miss this frivolity with the brother unit (Dr. Phil) and Scalzi (we met in Atlanta last Labor day) and Jim Hines (fan o’ the girl power…do we look like we need rescuing??) and Wil and Shawn and all.

Oh, and Go Shawn!!

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