Holy Crap, It’s May

2009 is proceeding at an altogether alarming pace, I have to say.

Today is a travel day for me as I head to Penguicon, so don’t expect lots here. I’ll probably check in on Twitter, though. Try not to get in trouble while I’m away. Because I will find you and hurt you if I have to. Or have Krissy hurt you. Which will hurt a lot more.

And now for a hallowed tradition on the first of May: “First of May” by Jonathan Coulton. Public fornication has never sounded so tuneful! Yes, that’s a warning if you’re thinking of listening to it at work.

[imeem music=”qZF2ZxYahh”]

Catch you all later.

32 Comments on “Holy Crap, It’s May”

  1. Off to find a lady who sells ice cream. And an ATM.

    For the ice cream.

  2. And then he said, “Don’t make me turn this blog around.” But we knew it was an idle threat. Mom was always the enforcer…

  3. Oh wow. Every May 1st for years, my husband sings this to me. I’ve never heard the original until now.

  4. @ 3: I do hope tomorrow is on that list of yours.

    (This has been your Pedantic Nerd portion of the comment page. Remember, in an actual nerdmergency, your best protection is to turn off the Internet and go outside.)

  5. Corby Kennard (or is it Korby Cennard?) @14: 39 this year.

    Snot-nosed kid! I turned 40 last month…

  6. or is it Korby Cennard?

    Lol, whut? ;)

    Snot-nosed kid! I turned 40 last month…

    So, did your cane come in the mail, or did you have to go pick it up at the WalMart Pharmacy?

  7. Always good to know that you’ll find the best videos for us Mythago :-) Now if I can only find a non-work PC that is safe from my sons watching over my shoulder!

  8. Hah…I left a Coulton CD in our car a while back and my wife and six year old son were really enjoying it until she frantically pounded the “next song” button. My son was annoyed that he didn’t get to found out more about the squirrel and the robin.

  9. Corby @16: re: Korby

    Just alluding back to what someone was calling you the other day…

    As for the cane, Wal-Mart was running a special. So I pulled my pants up to my armpits, put my sandals on over my socks and drove over there — at 12mph…

  10. I hope you have a wounderful time at the convention this weekend. Today was a travel day for me as well, this weekend is the Louisiana Division Convention for the Sons of Confededrate Veterans in Natchitoches, LA. I had a very nice drive today from New Orleans to Natichitoches. I am the Commander of the P.G.T. Beauregard Camp 130 in New Orleans, the oldest camp in the Louisiana Division. I loved the song and thank God I was not in my classroom at school when I played it!!! You da man John!!!! Have a great time this weekend. I know I will!!

  11. John H: That’s what I thought. ;)

    Oh, and … 12 MPH!!!???!?!!!111! What are you, some kind of daredevil? Good lord, man, WalMart isn’t going anywhere – no need to speed! You’re going to run someone over, you maniac!

  12. Corby, that’s uncalled for. You know the AARP has a mail-order pharmacy.

  13. I blame Obama. He’s made time go faster, when I specifically requested that time be turned back, so that I could have my 18 year old body back. Socialism! It’s all a Cuban socialist plot to make me old.

    Also, still no pony.

    Yes, as usual, I’m a day late and a dollar short.

  14. *Something* is certainly happening to time in 2009. I went to bed last night – before midnight even – and then woke up at six something, got up around seven, was not too surprised to find it still dark out at eight (it being May now and winter coming on and all) … but was kinda surprised to find it still dark at *nine* … at which point I rang my mother and discovered that somehow I had slept twelve hours later than I ought to have and it was the evening. I am so confused.

  15. It’s your birthday? Happy birthday!
    And if it isn’t, well, a very merry unbirthday to you, sir.

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