Still Alive

I’ve just been very busy at Penguicon. Which has been a ton of fun, especially the surprise birthday party my wife threw for me yesterday. Indeed, here’s a tip: if you want to throw a truly successful surprise birthday party for someone, throw it for them a week before their actual birthday. That way they’ll never suspect! Or at least I did not.

In any event, everything’s good and I’ll catch up with you all soon. Be well until then.

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  1. Or three months after their actual birthday.

    My friend and I are doing this for another friend. His birthday was in January.

  2. How do you know it’s not a fake early surprise birthday party to disguise the real surprise birthday party on your birthday?

  3. My wife threw a surprise party for my 40th this year, and I had *no* clue it was coming. I’d never had a surprise party before, so that made it even cooler to find my house filled with friends. :)

  4. Yesterday was a good day for surprise parties. I got to throw one. And there was CAKE.

  5. My family had a surprise birthday party for me two days before I turned 30.

    I had an inkling, when someone who wouldn’t normally be concerned about my birthdays asked me “so, you are not home on your birthday?” when I had told her about my travelling plans for the summer.

    I had certainty, when a friend screwed up and invited people to the party using a mailing list to which I was subscribed as well (and subsequently text messaged me “PLEASE don’t read your mail. PLEASE don’t. I’ve screwed up terribly.” – a warning I was to curious to heed completely.)

    However, they did manage to surprise me afterall. The party was on when I arrived home after three weeks in California. I live 9 timezones west of Pacific, so I was completely battered by jet-lag and had forgotten everything about the party, when I arrived at it.

    Nice surprise. Horrible timing. But amazingly I was able to ignore the jet-lag for some hours of fun with friends.

  6. When I was studying in Buenos Aires, my friends and I went out to a Hooters (yes, there is one down there.) Then, after we ate, my friends busted out saying it was my birthday (this was in July, my birthday is in December). I was saying “Dudes, what the hell?” Then my friend whispered in my ear “just go with it, man.”

    The Hooters waitresses showed up a few minutes later. With a free cake. And they sung “Feliz Cumpleaños.” And they each gave me a smooch. And each of my friends a smooch.

    Best. Fake. Birthday. Ever.

  7. Once you return, of course, all your readers shall immediately cease being well.

    I am not an observer of birthdays, but if I’m correct in recalling yours is May 10, you share it not only with me (soon to be 35) but Homer Simpson.

  8. Robin, I, too, share a birthday with you, Homer, and to a lesser extent, Scalzi. 39 this year.

    And Sarah, the cake is a lie. Just saying.

  9. It was a great surprise 40th birthday party, because after you had finished with it, we turned it into a surprise 40th birthday party for me – I was completely shocked, since I thought I had already planned my party for next weekend.

    When we were done, we combed the hotel to see if anyone else wanted to borrow the room for their *own* surprise 40th birthday party. Alas, you and I seem to be the only ones turning 40 this week.

  10. Hope your actual birthday is as happy as your early one!

    People with birthdays in May are awesome. (Mine’s the 10th…) ;-)

  11. You know what this means – you’re the Birthday Prince! You get to party ALL WEEK LONG! How Cool Is That? ;-)

    A friend who shared a birthday (but only the date, not the year) introduced me to the concept of Birthday Royalty & Birthday Week. Even if you only do a card a day, then one gift on the *actual* day, it can make someone’s birthday extra special.

  12. One of my business partners was born on December 24th so he has generally had “combined” birthdays most of his life. His wife threw a surprise party for him in October. He thought had really good theater tickets that night, but his wife colluded with one of his bartenders (he own a couple of beach bars) and there was a refrigeration emergency at the bar. She bought a couple of cases of red running shorts (he is known for wearing these most days) for all who attended. He showed up tools in hand expecting to miss a good evening, to a crowd of 100 friends all in red running shorts (mostly on top of evening wear). Best set up ever.

  13. Still Alive, cake — I only just played Portal through for the first time last weekend. Amazing stuff…if videogames had Oscars, it would have won one. (But it probably didn’t do summer blockbuster numbers all by itself…)