Beauty and the Dork

If you have to guess which is which, then I am sorry, but there really is no help for you.

Back a number of years ago when I first made friends with author Justine Larbalestier, I was showing her pictures of Krissy and me, and she having not met Krissy, she maintained that I didn’t actually know her, and that instead I would run up to this very attractive woman and quickly snap pictures of myself with her before she could respond and/or exercise a restraining order. Even when I brought Krissy to New York to meet her she was not entirely convinced; when they met Justine poked Krissy on the shoulder to make sure she wasn’t a hologram. She was not.

This picture was taken at my surprise 40th birthday party this weekend; there are more pictures of it (and of Penguicon in general) at this Picasa photo set, taken and assembled by the always fabulous Alethea Kontis. I’ll be posting selected additional photos, but go catch the whole thing.

18 Comments on “Beauty and the Dork”

  1. True, she is obviously way outta your league, you lucky dog ;)

    Happy 40th.

    David (who, having turned 49 this year, mutters “young whippersnapper” under his breath)

  2. a) Those boots are hot.
    b) You’re a lucky man as you know.
    c) Krissy did okay, too.
    4) Happy Early 40th!

  3. 40? Oh, that’s not so bad. I turned 40 a few years ago, and I still…still…

    Well, mostly I sit around the house and complain about politics and kids these days while making 5 pm dinner plans so I can get home early. But maybe you’ll do better.

    Happy Birthday!

  4. You two are a perfectly cromulent couple. Justine must have been jealous. ;-)

  5. Just keep taking pictures but don’t take them off the camera until you have showed a few people. Wouldn’t want to be accused of photoshopping them.

  6. Your wife is absolutely gorgeous, but I have to say, what I really covet are her boots. Where did she get them?

  7. Can I request a full shot of those boots? Or the brand/line please?
    (I start boot making school next week…I’m being serious here…)


  8. You’re an inspiration to every balding, squishy creative type that yes, there are chicks out there who dig teh smrt more than they do “Ripped and Knuckledragging”.

    A shining beacon in the night. That’s what you are, Johnny. Especially when the light catches your forehead just so (sez he whose forehead gets mistaken for a missile launch by NORAD on sunny days).

  9. Let’s see now, photos are usually labeled from left to right.

    That means the guy in the yellow shirt must be the beauty and…

    No wait, that can’t be right.


  10. Yeah, yeah, cute photo, but I need more info about the boots as well.

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