The Baby Appears Strangely Unconvinced of Krissy’s Good Intentions

I’m not sure why.

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  1. Are you kidding? The baby is being totally cool about the whole thing and using a single look to convey its disdain for this “all bark growl and no bite” attitude in today’s tall people.

  2. Krissy’s fine. You’re the scary one. Cats flee in terror out of fear that they’ll have bacon taped to them. I can’t imagine what you’d do to a baby.

  3. I don’t think it’s any doubt about good intentions so much as, “Crap, lookit all those TEETH! I’m really NOT looking forward to teething.”

  4. One: That baby is adorable

    Two: I always find it a little bit odd how it’s totally acceptable to tell someone you want to gobble their baby up.


  6. I talked to the mother of that infant on the elevator. After I had talked to Krissy earlier that day on the same elevator.

    Coincidence? ;)

  7. Favorite scenes from bad television: A young girl with a baby on her lap, doing the classic “I’m gonna eat you up! Yes I am! Yes I am!” thing, with the high pitched aren’t-you-cute voice and everything. Boring, right?

    Except it was from the appallingly bad Blade TV series, the young girl was a vampire, and she had every intention of devouring the cute baby on her lap. Even bad series do occasionally have their moments.

  8. The baby seems to be thinkiing, “I’m going to be in therapy over this incident, aren’t I?”

    And to Romeo Vitelli: Mr. Scalzi would obviously tape bacon to the baby.

  9. True, in fact finding such a scene on BTVS would have surprised no one. Finding it on Blade was like finding a diamond in a cat box.

  10. Something just occurred to me.

    Does anyone know if there are other languages where it’s perfectly acceptable to tell someone there baby is so adorable you want to gobble it up?

    If I said “Oh your baby is so cute, I could just gobble them up!” in Russian, would I get a smile or a fist in the face?

    Also, what the hell do people who speak English as a second language think of this idiom?

  11. Well, it’s not an idiom. You’re literally saying you want to devour their baby; it’s not any kind of metaphor or anything. The fact that you don’t MEAN it doesn’t mean you’re not SAYING it.

  12. BC Woods, I was watching the TV last night when I couldn’t sleep, and a lady on one of the channels was saying to a gentleman that she was going to swallow him whole, but it wasn’t all of him she swallowed so I think she told a lie. I guess that was a pretty naughty lady. You shouldn’t say you’re going to do something and then not do it. The gentleman looked happy though, but watching that channel made me feel funny so next time I can’t sleep late at night I’m going to have a glass of warm milk instead. Because that channel was confusing and made me feel funny.

  13. In Germany, at least in my part of it, people usually say that a baby is so cute they could steal it.

    Announcing that you’d like to eat a baby, within earshot of the parents, strikes me as very disturbing. Especially since cute and edible don’t really go together.

  14. they say it in israel (in hebrew). a friend of mine said it to her kids constantly, well past the age where they could definitely understand what she was saying.

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