Daily Archives: May 5, 2009

Zoe’s Tale French Cover

A reader in France pointed me to my French publisher’s page for Zoé, the French version of Zoe’s Tale, which includes this spectacular cover, by Didier Florentz: The creature with Zoë, in case you’re wondering, would be an Obin (although whether Hickory or Dickory I am unsure. There’s the second Obin visible in the corner; […]

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Various Book Plugs and Such, 5/5/09

A quick moment to plug some stuff worth plugging: 1. It’s Scott Westerfeld’s birthday today, and you know what would make his birthday go down so smooth? If you said, “why, picking up a copy of his novel Extras, now finally out in paperback form!” you would be absolutely correct. Really, it’s amazing how often […]

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The Big Idea: Edward Willett

As much as I like the title of this feature here, not all books originally spring from a big idea. Just ask Edward Willett, whose latest book, Terra Insegura, is part of a series that sprang originally from a quick and dirty writing exercise. But from that humble beginning, Willett’s done well: Marseguro, the first […]

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Ohioana Schedule

This Friday and Saturday I’m participating in the Ohioana Book Festival in Columbus — the festival itself is on Saturday but there are some specific events around town on Friday associated with it. So here’s where I’ll be and what I’ll be doing: FRIDAY: 2-3pm: Dublin Branch Library, Dublin OH — I’ll be doing an […]

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Oh, and, Mail:

I’m still catching up from the weekend, so if you sent me mail any time in the last four days and I haven’t responded yet, I probably will sometime today. Update, 10am: I’m caught up now. If you’ve been expecting a response and didn’t get one, go ahead and e-mail again.

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