Happy Cinco de Mayo

Strange how it happens every year on the Fifth of May.

Here’s some vaguely appropriately-themed music for you, from my wife’s favorite band:

[imeem music=”s-tIMxirsW”]

22 Comments on “Happy Cinco de Mayo”

  1. Yeah, everyone knows how to say “sink the mayonnaise” in Spanish. I’ve just never been convinced anyone knows what it means. {shrug} Idioms.

  2. When I lived in Spain in the early 90s, someone in the U.S. asked, “Do they have cinco de Mayo in Spain?” I answered, because I *am* a wise-ass, “Yes. Also seis de Mayo, siete de Mayo, ocho de Mayo…”

  3. Love Concrete Blonde. They seem so much more appropriate for Dia de Los Muertos, though. But it’s all good.

  4. Oh, for the halcyon, borderline-suicidal high school days of the closet Goth driving a green Saturn with the windows down and singing “Tomorrow Wendy” at the top of her lungs.

    Not that I would know anything about that.

  5. Your wife has excellent taste in music, Concrete Blonde is one of the best bands ever recorded.

    If you can find a copy of WAR’s “Cinco De Mayo” it fits perfectly to this occasion.

  6. Doesn’t everyone know what Cinco de Mayo is? It’s just another holiday celebrating a French military defeat. Surprising that this would merit a holiday, but I guess it does for some.

  7. I did (honestly!) once hear a group of undergraduates discussing what day Cinco de Mayo was going to be.

  8. @Scalzi – yup, though we would also have accepted “nobody, since it’s above ground”

  9. Woo! Concrete Blonde! *ahem* Your wife has great taste, clearly.

    By the way, did my buddy at the BBC call you about doing the JG Ballard obit?

  10. James Swallow:

    Yes, he did, and I suggested someone else to him, as I was not qualified. Thanks for the suggestion, however.

  11. woooo! drinking before 9! Its nice to be an OSU student…

    this is great music btw

  12. Another Concrete Blond fan? No way!! I thought I was the only one left. My all-time favorite band and nobody ever knows who I’m talking about.

  13. Woot on the Concrete Blonde. Love that band, one of the best live shows I’ve seen. Check out Concrete Blonde y Los Illegals for some heavily Mexican-flavored rock.

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