Off to Ohioana

I’m traveling today for the Ohioana Book Festival, so I suspect I’ll be away from the computer for much of the day. I’ll do the Twitter thing, etc, if you can’t live without me.

If you’re in the Columbus, OH area, remember also that I’m doing a reading/Q&A today, at the Dublin Branch Library in Dublin at 2pm. Take a late lunch and swing on by. It’ll be fun.

And here’s my entire Ohioana schedule, should you decide to drop by the festival on Saturday, which you should, because it’s free, and there’s nothing better than free.

2 Comments on “Off to Ohioana”

  1. Round trip airfare is $275. Not too bad for last minute scheduling, but not free.

    800 miles round trip – 30 miles per gallon – approximately 27 gallons of gas – would mean I could get there for $54 by car, which is better, but still a little more than I would like.

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