The God Engines Pre-Order Is Up

You’ll recall I recently finished my first fantasy work: A novella called The God Engines. It’ll be coming about in book form from Subterranean Press this December, both in a limited signed leather-bound edition of 400 ($45) and a non-signed trade edition ($20). Both versions will feature cover and interior artwork by Tomislav Tikulin.  If you’re interested in either (or both!) here’s where to go to get your order in now.

So, what’s The God Engines like? Here’s SubPress publisher Bill Schafer’s comment about it:

[T]he story itself is gripping, bloody, nuanced, bloody, and pretty damned bloody, if I’m to be honest.

To which I’ll add: Yes, that.

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  1. Hmm. If it ships by mid-December, I can give the box to my wife and tell her she can wrap it up for my Christmas present.

  2. Ah, so I see based on the description that you’re continuing in the YA category.

  3. Got Mine, both editions one to look pretty one for reading on the train.

  4. [T]he story itself is gripping, bloody, nuanced, bloody, and pretty damned bloody, if I’m to be honest.

    Bloody in the British sense, or in the literal “blood all over the bloody place” sense?

  5. Not available from any other source? I really don’t like to deal with Subterranean’s 6-month lead times.

  6. Very nice. I just put my pre-order in. I love Subterrean but nearly everything I’ve ordered from them has been at least a month late. Regardless I’ll continue to to order from them because they put out the nicest editions which takes time and they have stuff you can’t find anywhere else.

  7. JJS:

    The six-month lead tie is why it’s called a “pre-order.” You can always wait until the book comes out to order it then, although if you want a signed, limited edition, sooner is better than later.

  8. I ordered the limited as well. I think I’m just gonna start signing over my paycheck to you and Bill every few weeks. It’ll be easier.

    Collectible books are my one ring. My preciooouuussss.

  9. Just put my pre-order in. I love subterrean, but they do have a habit of falling behind schedule. Regardless I’ll still order from them because you can’t beat the quality and they have books and novella such as this you can’t find anywhere else.

  10. You said bloody three times.

    I like bloody.

    (almost Blazing Saddles).

  11. Yup, got my order in for the limited first thing this morning. I habitually check Subterranean’s site each day just for such eventualities. Given that the print run for the limited is only 400 copies, I’ll be curious to see how fast it sells out.

    JJS @8 Considering that Scalzi only finished the story a month ago (April 13), publishing it in limited edition form (and in Leather to boot!), by December is pretty damn quick work in my book.


  12. Patrick M @# 9: Goldman’s Law FTW!

    (Goldman’s Law: Akin to Godwin’s Law, this is the observation that, given enough time, any internet blog comment thread will eventually spawn quotes from The Princess Bride.)

  13. re: Akin

    yo ukeep use that word – I do not think it means what you think it means.

    Well, ok, it DOES ,way to crush the groove.

  14. I have ordered mine! Only the trade edition, not the limited, because the shipping is almost as much as the book already.

  15. I’m on the ebook bandwagon, but having ready your “bloody” comments I think I’m either on or off the wagon (which one is the “I am not doing that” one? I can never remember)

  16. Must continue to keep the four-legged Scalzis in the style they have become accustomed.

  17. Oh wow, I can’t wait!! You where the first author of who I finished a sci-fi book (omw) and I just finished The Androids Dream, which was hilarious. Luckily I have Zoe Tale to keep me busy while waiting :)

  18. Oooh… I know I should be working, but I have to place my order! Can’t… resist… lure… of… new… book… Ok, bought them both. :-)

  19. How do I know if my order has been accepted? I ask because I sent my order in when this arrived and they still haven’t taken money out of my Visa card … do they do that when it actually comes out, and not now? Forgive me, I’ve never preordered a book before.

  20. Will this book be offered on Amazon at some point or is it only available through Subterranean?

  21. Ok is there really only 136 pages? whats up with that? i was interested in this book due to a lot of advertisement including an author Patrick Rothfuss who i really respect, but 136 pages? id finish it in a few hours. Is this a true number of pages for this book?

  22. After the lightheartedness of ‘Androids Dream’ & ‘Agent To The Stars’, I’m bound to say I had a bit of difficulty with this one. It is very definitiley ‘Dark dark darky dark dark’.
    To paraphrase a.n.other critic elsewhere on the net, it’s like John’s evil twin Spike escaped from captivity and bashed this one out, after after tied John’

    But then I got hold of ‘Fuzzy Nation’ and the natural order has been restored.

    John: I believe you’ve said elsewhere that you won’t be doing any more in the Old man’s War series. Sad. I think. Zoe has got a few miles left in her, and those dastrdly Consu are ripe for a darn good kick is the ass. (my 2 cents-worth)

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