Daily Archives: May 14, 2009

An Important Question For You To Ponder

I already asked it on Twitter, but I figure it deserves poll treatment here: Feel free to expand upon your answer in the comments.

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More Confirmation That I Am a Procrastinating Geek Who Blathers Too Much Online

I made Wired’s list of 100 Geeks You Should Follow on Twitter. Me and Wil Wheaton and Jonathan Coulton and Trent Reznor and Felicia Day and 95 other folks of apparent geekoidial quality. Yeah, we all get together and talk about how much we love Twittering. Because we’re cool/geek like that.

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“No Thanks” Tech

Over at AMC today, I’m discussing some future technology we find in Star Trek and other movies that I think is just a really bad idea. Come discover why I think transporters and flying cars are disasters waiting to happen — for starters. And of course come over and add your thoughts on future tech […]

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