More Confirmation That I Am a Procrastinating Geek Who Blathers Too Much Online

I made Wired’s list of 100 Geeks You Should Follow on Twitter. Me and Wil Wheaton and Jonathan Coulton and Trent Reznor and Felicia Day and 95 other folks of apparent geekoidial quality. Yeah, we all get together and talk about how much we love Twittering. Because we’re cool/geek like that.

12 Comments on “More Confirmation That I Am a Procrastinating Geek Who Blathers Too Much Online”

  1. OK, I’d been resisting creating a Twitter account until now, but I’m going to have to create one just to follow a dozen or two folks from that list.

  2. I wonder how many people are on Twitter just to follow amusing famous people? I’m not embarrassed to say that’s why I created mine. I follow you, Wil W, Neil Gaiman, Brandon Sanderson, JoCo and Paul & Storm. All of whom I’m pretty sure are on that geek list.

    The change in reply tracking is annoying though. I keep my account locked but find reading fan interaction to be terribly amusing.

  3. I’d argue your bacon taping may have caused enough popularity to facilitate such a thing. So it’s indirectly your doing. Twitter sentience doesn’t just happen… ;)

  4. Megan: That’s almost entirely why I use Twitter.

    I’m annoyed at the reply thing because I found a lot of amusing famous/semifamous people by watching replies of people I found amusing.

  5. My only twittering is done by seeing what you post here. It’s occasionally amusing to think of what the other half of the conversation is, but I admit, not so much that I go out looking for them.

  6. social networking via twitter is the Next New Thing(tm) in the world of librarians. I’ve resisted it, because I really don’t have time for all the other stuff I do online, but jeez…I hate to feel left out.

    could be interesting….and I don’t have to keep on…yeah, that’s the ticket…I can quit any time I want…

  7. Ha. Barely an hour on Twitter and my first spam-follower that I’ve got to block. Terrific.

  8. Whoa, that’s an ordered list — and you’re ranked well ahead of Stephen Fry.

    Is this one of those times when it’s appropriate to say: dude?